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Tuition and Fees

Tuition is due at the time of registration. Tuition rates for courses vary according to the number of credit hours and the college within the University. A one-time registration fee of $30 for the summer sessions is payable at the time of registration and is nonrefundable. Laboratory and special fees are noted with course descriptions in the bulletin and are also due at the time of registration. See our refund policy below. Click here for Methods of Payment.

Summer 2017 tuition prices per credit hour:

Undergraduate Graduate
College of Arts & Sciences $550
Biology/Neuroscience $655
Communication/Psychology $605
Psy.D. Clinical Psychology $1,097
English Language Institute (per session) $2,550
Barney School of Business $550
Graduate $695
College of Education, Nursing & Health Professions $550
Education $570
Nursing $590
EdD $735
DPT $550
MSPO $550
College of Engineering, Technology & Architecture $550
Engineering $815
Architecture $1003
Hartford Art School $550 $780
Hillyer College $550
The Hartt School $550
Music Education $600
Graduate $1000

Technology Fee
The University assesses all students with a fee for technology, which is mandatory and nonrefundable after the start of classes. This fee supports the University of Hartford's ongoing efforts to create and maintain technology infrastructure. Such infrastructure includes, but is not limited to, information networks, electronic information resources, computer laboratories and classrooms, and the development of technologically advanced teaching materials. Summer Technology Fee: $25

Refund Policy
Effective with the date that written request for withdrawal is submitted to the Registrar or SASC offices, full or partial credit of course tuition will be made in accordance with the schedule below. No refund can be made if a student is suspended, dismissed, or leaves the University without formally withdrawing; nor can any prorated reduction be made for temporary absence from classes.

The refund policy is based on the assumption that the student has paid the tuition and fees in full prior to the date of withdrawal.

2017 Summer Term Refund Schedule:

Session of three weeks or less:
  Withdrawal prior to the beginning of classes:
      Tuition: 100% refundable
      Laboratory Fees: 100% refundable
      Registration Fee: nonrefundable
  Withdrawal after classes begin:
      Tuition and Fees: nonrefundable

Session of four weeks or more:
  Withdrawal prior to the start of classes and within the first week of classes:
      Tuition: 100% refundable
      Laboratory Fees: 100% refundable
      Registration Fee: nonrefundable
  Withdrawal within the second week of classes:
      Tuition: 50% refundable
      Laboratory and Registration Fees: nonrefundable
  No further refund

Classes running 7/10/17 through 8/17/17:
    100% tuition and fees end 7/16/17
    50% tuition 7/17/17 through to 7/23/17
    0% tuition W starts 7/24/17 ends 8/4/17

Classes running 6/12/17 through 8/6/17:
    100% tuition and fees end 6/18/17
    50% tuition 6/19/17 through to 6/25/17
    0% tuition W start 6/26/17 ends 7/7/17

Classes running 5/22/17 through 6/05/17:
    100% tuition and fees end 5/21/17
    0% tuition W starts 5/22/17 ends 5/26/17

Classes running 5/22/17 through 7/9/17:
    100% tuition and fees end 5/28/17
    50% tuition 5/31/17 through to 6/5/17
    0% tuition 6/06/17 to end of class