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Hillyer College

Academic Strategies

ASB 111 Critical Literacies

2 credits
This course focuses on effective reading in an increasingly complex society. Among the topics covered are context, purpose and function of texts, inference, bias, tone, point of view, opinion, fact, evidence and argumentation. Emphasis is given to evaluating Web-based information. There is a research component that culminates in a paper.
Prerequisite(s): ASB 110.

6/11 - 8/530526Distance LearningTBAOnline2Horwitz


ENB 111 English Composition and Literature

3 credits
ENB 111 emphasizes writing critical analyses of readings in various literary genres.  Some papers require the use of secondary sources.
Prerequisite:  C- or better in ENB 110.

06/06-06/2831631MTWR9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.H 1323Mayer

ENB 212 Creative Writing: Genre Studies

3 credits
A workshop approach to writing short fiction, drama, and poetry. Limited to 15 students.
Prerequisite(s): ENB 110.

6/11 - 8/531427Distance LeanringTBAOnline3Fister

ENB 221 English Literature

3 credits
Study of selected works in English literature of the Romantic, Victorian, and Modern periods.  Designed as an introduction to literature of the late 18th to 20th centuries and as a commentary on the human condition and the emergence of the modern era.  Prerequisite:  ENB 111.

6/6 - 6/2831632MTWR1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.H 1323Mayer

ENB 224 Advanced Composition

3 credits
This course explores creative strategies for effective essay writing in rhetorical modes. The essential difference between Advanced Composition and ENB 110-ENB 111 lies in the expectation for greater proficiency, maturity, and sophistication in writing.
Prerequisite(s): ENB 111.

6/11 - 8/530149Distance LearningTBAOnline3Fister


ARB 112 Introduction to the Fine Arts III

3 credits
Painting, sculpture, architecture, and the minor arts are examined and analyzed according to basic principles and the society from which they emanate. Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism, and American art in the 20th century are covered.
Laboratory fee.

6/11 - 8/532713Distance LearningTBAOnline3Anderson

ARB 290 Special Topics: Museum Studies

3 credits

This course provides a short introduction to the history of museums and to the different areas of museum work, from finances to curation to education to management.  Although the class is online, at least one site visit is required to a local museum, science center, or historic house.  Students will work directly with the professor to develop assignments appropriate to those museums in their local area and their interests.

Laboratory fee.

6/11 - 8/532375Distance LearningTBAOnline3Altvater

HSB 145 United States History II: 1865 to the Present

3 credits
This course is a survey of American history from the end of the Civil War to the present. It examines the integration of the South and West into the national economy after the Civil War and the challenges that the second wave of industrialism brought to the nation during the Gilded Age. The problems of urbanization, immigration, unemployment, and class conflict at the turn of the century are studied, as well as the efforts by Populists, Progressives, and New Dealers to find solutions to these problems. The course places significant emphasis on America’s growing role in world affairs during both world wars and the Cold War; the second half of the course focuses particularly on the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War.

5/21 - 6/431816MTWRF9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.H 1323Pollack

Math and Science

MAB 110 Mathematical Foundations I

3 credits
Development of the real number system, operations with polynomials and rational expressions, solutions of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities; radicals and exponents. A graphing calculator is required.

5/21 - 7/230967OnlineTBDDistance Learning3Schreiber

MAB 111 Mathematical Foundations II

3 credits
Topics for this core requirement include graphing in the coordinate plane, functions (exponential, logarithmic, and polynomial), systems of equations, and inequalities. A graphing calculator is required.
Prerequisite(s): C– or higher in MAB 110 or its equivalent, or appropriate placement test score.

5/21 - 7/229973TBDOnlineDistance Learning3Schreiber

SCB 110 Introduction to Human Nutrition

3 credits
An introductory course that explores the role of nutrition science in health promotion and disease prevention. Topics include an overview of digestion; metabolism of protein, carbohydrate, fat, and alcohol; the biological role of vitamins, minerals, water, fiber, and phytochemicals; problems associated with nutrient deficiencies and toxicities; energy balance and weight control; and how to assess individual dietary intake and nutritional status.

6/11 - 8/531323Distance LearningTBAOnline3Cloutier

Social Sciences

PSB 110 General Psychology I

3 credits
This course focuses on the basic concepts and methods of psychology. Topics are selected from history, methodology, biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, memory, cognition, motivation, and emotion.

6/11 - 8/530600Distance LearningTBAOnline3Alderette

PSB 111 General Psychology II

3 credits
This course focuses on the applications of psychology. Topics are selected from lifespan development, gender and sexuality, personality, psychological disorders, therapy, stress and health, social psychology, and psychology applied to the workplace.
Prerequisite(s): PSB 110.

6/11 - 8/530454Distance LearningTBAOnline3Alderette

SYB 220 Social Inequalities of Gender and Sexuality

3 credits
This course examines a variety of ways in which gender and sexuality are sources of social inequality. The course explores how various cultures differ in the meanings they give to gender and sexuality, as well as how societies are structured around these meanings. The course provides an in-depth investigation of inequalities of gender and sexuality in major social institutions-schools, families, politics, and the economy-in the United States.
Prerequisite(s): SYB 110.

6/11 - 8/531530Distance LearningTBAOnline3Miceli