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Honors Contract Form

This form must be returned to your College Honors Coordinator no later than four weeks after the beginning of the semester. Please print clearly.

Student Name:______________________________  I.D. _______________                       

Phone: ____________________________________  Email: _____________                                   

Semester: ___________________________ College: ___________________                                 

Course Code/Number:   ________________  CRN:  ____________________                         

Name of Instructor: ___________________________ Email: _____________                                                        

1. I contract to do the following work in order to receive Honors credit for this course:





2. State specifically how the work proposed by this contract is different from that required by the non-Honors version of this course.





3.            The end product/products of this contract will be:

______    a paper                                                  ______    additional homework

______   paper and class presentation                    ______    internship and paper

______   additional reading & journal writing            ______    field work

______  performance or presentation                      ______    other (please specify)

I understand that this honors contract also requires me to earn a final grade of B or better. If the contract is not completed, the course offering  appears as a  regular course on the transcript.

Student’s signature _______________________________  Date: ______                                     

Professor’s signature ____________________________    Date:  ______                                   

NOTE: Professors, once final grades are posted, please notify your college honors coordinator on whether or not the student completed the additional assignment(s) and earned a final grade of B or better.

Guidelines for Contracting to Take a Course for Honors Credit


1. A student may negotiate a contract with a faculty member to take a regular academic course for honors credit. The faculty member determines whether or not he or she will be a party to this contract.

2. The contract must state explicitly the work that the student will undertake to earn the designation “Honors.” The student’s engagement with the course material should be more rigorous than that expected of the other students. Possible approaches for meeting this criterion include:

* The student pursues course assignments in greater depth or breadth.

* The student completes an additional assignment such as engaging in more extensive reading, reading primary rather than secondary texts; or completing an extra paper or project.

* The student is given an assignment that supplements the regular course learning experiences, such as undertaking a more extensive research project, incorporating a new subject to be analyzed and related to the course content, giving a special presentation to the class, and reflecting on the additional study required by the contract.

3. Successful completion of the requirements for an honors contract requires that the student earn a final grade of B or better.

4. Once the contract has been negotiated and signed by both the faculty member and the student, the student should send a copy to the College Honors Coordinator no later than four weeks after the beginning of the course. Should the Coordinator have any questions or reservations about the contract, he/she will first discuss these with the faculty member. If necessary, the Coordinator may seek the opinion of the University Honors Program Committee.

5. At the end of the semester, the student must complete the contract by the end of exams. The instructor should notify the college honors coordinator that the student completed the contract to the instructor’s satisfaction and earned a final grade of B or better. The college honors coordinator then will inform the University Honors Program Director of the results of all honors contracts, and the Director will inform the registrar of all successfully completed contracts. The Registrar will add the designation “Honors” to the appropriate course on the student’s transcript.