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Colloquium Program

In 2014, every college is represented by at least one panel.

Undergraduate Research and Creativity Colloquium

 Harry Jack Gray Center                  Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reception 12:00 – 12:30

Check-in for speakers, audience, and guests                  Balcony 

Sandwiches and cold drinks available all afternoon.

Session I                                                                          12:30 – 1:50

Room A – Excellence at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research

The NCUR Experience

Taylor Clark and Taylor McCreery  BAR  (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Irina Naoumova)

Rachel Dehnel  HAS  (Faculty Mentor: Tom Bradley)

Don Fantozzi  A&S  (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Clancy)

Niki Kalmus  A&S  (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jane Horvath)

Stephanie Lessing  BAR  (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lillian Kamal)

Hannah Schultz  ENHP  (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sheetal Sood)

Quantitative Easing: An Analysis of the Experiences of Japan and the United States

Stephanie Lessing  BAR

Playing the Past: Video Games and Disappearing Cultures

Rachel A. Dehnel  HAS                               

Room B – Poetry and Prose: Making and Meaning

”I Feel the Same Way About the Internet as the Sunset”

Nikole Jewell A&S English

Percussive Poetics

Morgan Williams  A&S English

Faulkner, Morrison, Walcott: Inspiration and Approach

Laura Ahking  A&S English

Writing in Drag: Female Authors Writing in Male First-Person

Aven Rose  A&S English/RPW                                                                                                                                

Room C – Engineering Solutions                                                                                         

The Hartford Hand: One Size Does Not Fit All

Casey Beasley  ENHP

Prosthetic Training Across Borders

Megan Johnson  HAS

Biomimetic Simulation Study in Support of Micro Aerial Vehicle Development Karen Brzostowski  CETA

Controlled ElectroMagnetic Stimulation System to Simulate Muscle Contraction Jamie Nagode CETA

Session II                                                                         2:05 – 3:20

Room A – Business Plans, Barter Trade, and Community Connections

Business Plan for 3D Printing: "Smart Switch"

Frank Finelli  Barney                                                                                                                                                    

Barter Trade and Economic Development in Bermuda

Ato Cudjoe, Brian Johnston  Barney                                                                          

Big J Mart: A Business Plan

Justin Calabrese  Barney                                                                                                                                           

University Park: An Opportunity to Link Town and Gown

Taylor Clark, Taylor McCreery  Barney                                                                                                         

Room B – Complexity Theory: Diverse Applications                

Re-conceptualizing Economic Development in Terms of Complexity Theory    Natalie Dukette   A&S Econ                                                                                        

Complexity in Crime Policy and Criminal Control Theory

Kyle Hebert   A&S Econ

Continuity, Time, and Reality

Conor Knox CETA                                                                                                                                                           

Room C – Digging History, Farming Faith, and Finding Borders                

The Griswold Point, CT UofH Project: History, Archaeology and Geoscience

Nicole Awad  A&S History

Return to the Land: A Study of Jewish Farming Efforts Worldwide

Kailee Shraiberg  A&S JS

Ancient and Modern Borders of the Land of Israel: Past, Present, and Future

Evan Bennett   A&S IS

The Gates of Jerusalem: Then and Now

Daniel Fitzpatrick  A&S History

Session III                                                                       3:30 – 4:45

Room A – Analyzing Change in Nature and Society                 

Numerical Solutions to the Lotka-Volterra Predator-Prey Model

Catherine Brennan   A&S Math

The Science of Complexity as it Pertains to Economic Development

Paulina Nastyn  A&S PoGo        

The Revolution Will Be Televised: Technology and Social Change

Donald Fantozzi  A&S PoGo

A Case Study for Transparent Foreign Aid

Nicole Kalmus  A&S IS/ML

Room B – Creating Citizens and Criminals              

Globalization of a Youth Conference: Developing Active World Citizens

Kirby Maier  Barney

Let's Show Some Sensitivity:  Media Coverage of Three Major School Shootings

Theresa Menhart  HAS

United States Imprisonment Binge: Origins and Consequences

Travis Francis  A&S CJ

Rhetoric of Organizational Texts: Police Reports & Social Construction of Reality

Yaeli Lifshutz  A&S CJ/Psych/Sociology

Room C – Writing History and Constructing Authors             

The Evolving Problem: Plagiarism in the United States

Florence Weinstein  A&S PoGo 

Postmodernism vs. Romanticism

Kaitlyn Nadeau  A&S RPW

Indenture of Bargain and Sale: 18th Century   

Charles Curry II, Nathan Hollings  A&S History

A Women's Revolution: The Lowell Factory Girls

Alison Waller  A&S History


Room D – Studies in Psychology: Choice, Blame, and Definition             

Decision-Making: The Effect of Personality on Choice Preference

Katie Dydyn  A&S Psych

Exposure and Gender as Predictors of Compassion to Victims of Sexual Violence

Reed Haight  Hartt/A&S Psych

Rape-Splaining: Victim Blaming In News Print Media

Claire Capozzi  A&S Psych

Project Woman Defined

Maria Demauro  A&S Psych


Wilde Aud. – Music Theory and Performance

Ma'at Ensemble: Folklore and the Arts in the Information Age  

George Luther  Hartt

Digital Flying Fifths: Interactive Arduino Based MIDI Controller for Electronic Music

Marshall Ross  Hartt

Salfage: An Examination of Musical Pitch Naming Systems                        

Andrew Muench  Hartt


Session IV                                                                       5:00 – 6:15

Room A – Sex and Gender, Values and Violence                        

The Business of Buying and Selling Love                                                          

Mikala Guyton  A&S RPW

Attitudes toward Homosexuality: The Effects of Personal Relationships

Chantel Jamison-Brown  A&S Psych

Unsettling Actuality: A Representation of Violence

Kyle Rodgers  A&S Cinema

A Study of Moral Values & Helping Behavior

Lauren Johnson  A&S Psych


Room B – Studies in Math and Science                                            

Cardinal and Ordinal Transfinite Numbers

Steven Gambino, Kristen Markowski  A&S Math

Water Quality and Stream Organisms: Bridge Construction on Campus

Daniel Smith  A&S Biology

The Effects of a Ketogenic Diet on Cognitive Impairment

Megan Barry  A&S Biology

Water Quality in the North Branch Park River Watershed

Kelly Fancher  A&S Biology


Room C – Civic Life and the Holocaust                                             

A Future of Hartford Built upon the Promises of Its Past

Graeme MacKenzie  HAS

Inequality and Education

Robert Dozier  ENHP

The Holocaust: Writing Memoirs and False Memoirs  

Kelly DeSalvatore  A&S English

Theological Arguments of the Holocaust: A Perspective on                                                            Divine Punishment and Divine Test

Joshua Gischner   A&S JS

Room D – Art and Education

Perspective and Practice: Using Studio Studies to Understand Modern Art    Sereina Colon  Hillyer

Tweeting to Learn:  Impersonating Chinua Achebe's Characters on Twitter          Adnan Idlibi   Hillyer 

Art within Art:  Drawing Chinua Achebe's Proverbs in Things Fall Apart         Lindaluz Carrillo   Hillyer

Solving Behaviors for "Kiddos": Early Intervention’s Influence on Behavior Plans

Hannah Schultz  ENHP


Wilde Aud. – Dance and Drama

Candide: Glitter and Be Gay?

Elizabeth Schorr  Hartt  

Portraits of Petrushka

Aleta Dunn  A&S/Hartt

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's Questions Game

Andrew Patrick Mazer, Alex DiLallo  Hartt