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Colloquium Program

In 2017, every college is represented by at least one panel, and there are more panels than ever!

Undergraduate Research and Creativity Colloquium

Location: Harry Jack Gray Center
Day: Thursday, April 13, 2017

12–12:30 p.m.

Check-in for speakers, audience, and guests. Sandwiches and cold drinks available all afternoon, until 6 p.m. Certificates for presenters as each session ends, in room A.

Session I
12:30–1:50 p.m.

Room A

Clean Water and Noise Complaints

 Producing Power and Clean Water with a Thermodynamic Rankine Cycle

Danielle Parkinson, Mitchell Sugar, and Avinash Ravindran, CETA

 Design of a Water Treatment Device Using Thermodynamics

Mathew Payson, Noah Olsen, Steven Balas, and Darain Alqashan, CETA

 Noise Levels of HVAC Diffusers

Sara Huelsman, CETA*

 Noise Complaint Maps of NYC

Samuel Genovese, CETA*

Room B

Art Images, Objects, and Tools

Time, Space, and Color 

Keri Halloran, HAS

An Intimate Reality

Renee Brown, HAS

Abstracting the Celebrity

Aedan O'Brien, HAS

 The Sensory Tool, The Art Object

Carlin Morris, HAS

Room C

Historical Controversies - Past and Present

 Josef Stalin's Great Purges

James Moore, A&S History

 The Controversial Search for Jacob Gens: Lithuanian Archaeology 2016

Nicole Awad, A&S History/Judaic Studies

 Means of Identity: The "European" Problem

Evan Holliday, A&S History*

Room D

Hack the Museum – Resources and Challenges

 The Mark Twain House

Michael Alperin, Adia Frank, Samuel Halperin, and Mario Hinds

 The Old State House

Ethan Bloom and Brooklynn Manning

 The Connecticut Historical Society

Parker Eldridge, Chris Krajcik, Jacob Unger

 The Wadsworth Atheneum

Lux Estime, Brooke Hurst, and Nazir Rowe

 The West Hartford Children’s Museum

Clarentz Jean, Taylor Noll, Emily Quinn

1877 Dining Room

Humanities Center Seminar on Monsters

 The Monsterization of Immigrants: An Alien Nation

Taylor Zitkus, A&S Politics

 Monstrous Mothers in Modern Horror Films Directed by Women

Stefanie Szot, A&S Communications

 She-Vampires and Monstrous Femininity

Loren Milledge, A&S English

Session II
2:05–3:20 p.m.

Room A

Art Work and Art History

How Culture is Exposed in Ceramics/The Revitalization of Craft

Jessica Reeve, HAS

 Surface, Form, Pattern, and Paint

Victoria Burnham, HAS

 An Analysis of Aboriginal Art History in Culture and Aesthetics

Caroline Hehir, HAS

 Woman and Self Through the Photographic Lens

Keri Halloran, HAS

Room B

Studies in Biology and Physics

 Study of Aquatic Plant in the Finger Lakes of New York

Lyla O'Brien, A&S Biology

Study and Analysis of Frustrated Quantum Magnet Spin 1/2 Tetrahedral Systems

Michael DiScala, A&S Physics

The Effects of Storm and Waste Water on Urban Stream Food Webs

Dylan Rossi, A&S Biology*

Analysis of p53 Function in Neuroblastoma Cell Lines

Rebecca Pappalardo, A&S Biology*

Room C

Shakespeare, Authorship, and Absurdity

Body Representations of Rome in William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus

Michelle Mor, A&S English

Portia's Power in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

Billy Saunders, Hartt*

 The Authorship Controversy of Dorothy and William Wordsworth

Jennifer Accuosti and Cheylin Thomas*

 The Void Becomes Eloquent: Addressing the Absurd Existential Problems of Technology and Communication in the Twenty-first Century

Madeline McGrail, A&S English*

Room D

Redressing Government and Social Hazards

Legalized Hazards: An Evaluation of the FDA Drug Approval Process

Christopher Walden, A&S Criminal Justice*

Implicit Bias Amongst College Students

Shanice Anderson, A&S Psychology*

Effect of Military-Themed Emotional Stimuli on Memory Performance and Altruism Behavior

Jonathan McMurray, A&S Psychology

Antigone in Ferguson: Addressing the Repetition of Trauma

Ronen Wesley, A&S Psychology*

Session III
3:30–4:45 p.m.

Room A

Injury Prevention and Difficult Decisions

BOOST: Biomedical Output Outlook Study

Joshua Breighner and Garrett Brown, ENHP

Driving Cessation: Bridging the Health Gap for Older Adults

Elena Gandiaga, ENHP*

Physician-Assisted Death: The Legal and Ethical Framework for Professional's Decisions

Ariana Lacerte, ENHP*

Smoking Cessation in Homeless Hartford Populations

Hajar Altamimi, Caitlin Connolly, ENHP*

Room B

Studies in Engineering

Thermodynamic Design and Modeling of a Water Desalination System

Javier Melecio, CETA

Application of Virtual Reality in STEM Education

Aaron Shea, A&S Computer Science

and Antonio Morales, CETA

Vortical Flows Over Open Cavities

Christian Mauricio, CETA

A Statistical Analysis of Road Noise

Elizabeth Caltagirone, CETA

and Johanna Owens, CETA*

Room C

Interpretations and Images

Interpretations of the Constitution

Sarah Ferraro, A&S Politics and Cinema*


Jacob Fay, A&S Cinema

College-Aged Women’s Utilization of Facebook

Emily Licursi, A&S Communication *

Room D

Math Problems and Mathematical Education

Student Perceptions of Learning to Use the SATCo with TrACE

Imani Mosquera and Sana Trozic, A&S Mathematics

The Buffon Needle Problem I

Johnathan Williams, A&S Mathematics

The Buffon Needle Problem II

Chris Devona, A&S Mathematics

Effects of the Detracking Movement

Kochava Krieger, A&S Mathematics*

1877 Dining Room

Eighteenth Century Literature

The Virginia Colony as a Narrative Tool of Formal Realism in Defoe's Moll Flanders

Jonathan Acampora, Hartt

The Arbitrary Meaning of Social Class in Richardson's Pamela or Virtue Rewarded

Taylor Emerson, A&S English

The Artistic Sentiments in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility

William Mabee, A&S English

The Portrayal of Women's Sexuality in 18th Century Literature

Gia Vasquez, A&S English*

Session IV
5:00–6:15 p.m.

Room A

Business Plans and Economic Effects

Finger Lake Donuts

Shawn Foster, Barney

Top Notch Vintage LLC

Bennett Szames, Barney

Love All? An Analysis of Tennis Players’ Earnings

Brian Wiegard, Barney

Omnia’s Split Kit for Dancers

Allison Long, Barney/Hartt

Room B

Sound Systems  

Characterization of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone Microphone

Colin Worrich and Blaise Peschel, CETA

Space Captain: A Modern Analysis of Historical Recording Techniques

Andrew Fiddler, Hartt*

Across the Way: The Evolution of Song from Ireland to North America

Erin Moebus, Hartt*

Opera: Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Today

Nadia Briones and Alyson Sheehan, Hartt*

Room C

Perceptions of Food, Self, and Others

Perspectives from Past Preceptors

Holly Pianka  and Kendra Brown, A&S Psychology

Appealing, Appetizing, or "No Thank You": Perceptions of Crickets as a Food

Taylor Mudford, A&S History/Enviro. Studies

The Influence of Self-Compassion Meditation on Racial Prejudice

Yusra Imam, A&S Psychology*

Organic Solidarity in Contemporary Societies

Jennifer Accuosti, A&S Sociology*

Room D

Excavation, Taxation, Incarceration, and Divestment  

L'dor Vador: Archaeological Excavation on Extra-biblical Jewish Rituals

Leah Marquis, A&S Judaic Studies

How the Tax Code Enables American Corporations to Avoid Paying Income Taxes

Benedetto Borgesano, A&S Politics*

The United States and Portugal: A Comparative Study of the Socioeconomic Impact of Drug Policy and Incarceration

Colette Schmidt, A&S Economics and Int. Studies*

Economic Complexity and the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement

Liel Asulin, A&S Economics and Int. Studies*

* Senior Honors Student