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Full Course Copy Request -or- Retrieve Course from Archive

In Blackboard, instructors can copy their own course materials. This allows the instructor to selectively copy just those materials they need, when they need them. When FCLD copies a course, all course content is copied and it may not be done for a day or two depending on the time of academic year. Instructions for self-copying are here: Course Copy Instructions.  Sometimes, however, the course you need to copy from is no longer on Blackboard, but is stored in our archives, which we can retrieve for you, or the course is too large for a self-copy.  In these cases, you will need to fill out the form below.

Archived Courses:

If you have a course that is no longer current and has been archived and would like to bring it back, we can copy it into a current course or sandbox course.  Please indicate the Destination Course Code (Ex., ART100) or sandbox below in the form below.  Note that archived courses do not contain user data, grades, etc. They are backups of content only.

Request a Course be Copied: 

Use the form below if you have a very large course to copy (large courses pose technical difficulties for self-copying), or if the course you wish to copy is no longer active on Blackboard.

NOTE: You must be listed as the primary instructor of record in Banner for the original source course and for the new destination course before we can copy course content into your Blackboard course for you. If you need help getting listed in Banner, please contact the Registrar's Office at (860) 768-4594.

Instructors using multiple section courses should fill out a Multiple Section Course Request form prior to completing this form.

If you have questions about using the form or about course copying, please call FCLD at (860) 768-4661.

Instructor Information

I am requesting content be copied into a course that will have: *

If Multiple Sections:

Name: *

Blackboard Username: *

E-mail: *

Phone: *

Instructor Status: *

Co-Instructors or TA?:

Special Instructions:

Source Course Information (Please fill as much information as you can)

Source Course Code (Ex., ART100):

Source Course Title:

Source Course CRN: *

Term of the source course: *

I certify that I am the primary instructor of record for the source course.: *

Did you have Echo360 (Personal Capture) Recordings in the course you want restored from archive?: *

Destination Course Information

Destination Course Code (Ex., ART100): *

Destination Course Title: *

Destination Course CRN(s): *

Term (i.e., Fall 2018): *

I certify that I am the primary instructor of record for the destination course.: *

College: *