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Electronic Communication

Date: 2.04.05

Background and reasons for the policy

The University of Hartford has made great strides in promoting the use of electronic mail for the purpose of pedagogy, business communication between University employees, communication among University community members and also with external constituencies and providing email accounts to all students, employees, regents, and emeriti. Accordingly, the past several years has seen a greater use of and reliance on electronic mail among University community members and outside constituencies at the University of Hartford. The University needs to ensure that it can take full advantage of electronic communication.

Purpose of Policy

The purpose of this policy is to promote the effective use of electronic mail as an official communications medium within the University, to utilize email in lieu of paper for most general communications, and to prepare the University for a future that recognizes the importance of e-commerce and electronic workflow.

Expected Institutional Outcome

Since email is a timelier and less expensive means of communication than traditional paper communication, it is expected that implementation of the policy will result in reduced costs and improved efficiency of information exchange with our students and employees.

Policy Statement

In recognition of the increased use of email as a means of communication, the University of Hartford has established email as a recognized means for sending official University information to its community members.

Procedure Statement

In support of this policy objective, the University will provide an email account and an email address to all students and employees of the University of Hartford. This email account will serve as an official address to which the University will send email communications, and the address that will be listed in the University of Hartford phone book and other University publications. It is expected that email communications addressed to an individual’s email address will be received, read, and responded to in a timely fashion. The University reserves the right to use email to communicate with students, faculty and staff and to expect that those communications will be received and read in a timely fashion, if addressed to the individual’s email address.

Exceptions to this policy of creating an email account for University community members and or listing of the email address should be submitted in writing to, and approved by, the respective Vice President of the affected individual. All requests for an exception must be accompanied by a document specifying the medium and the process by which the requestor will assure he or she will receive email communications in an alternate and timely manner.

While the easiest way to receive electronic University communication is by using the University's email service directly, an individual may choose to have his or her University email redirected to another email address at his or her own risk. The University will not be responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors or by departmental servers. Having email redirected does not absolve a community member from the responsibilities associated with official communications sent to his or her University email address.

All University community members are expected to check their University email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to ensure that they are staying current with all official communications.


The Technology Policy Committee will review this policy on an annual basis and be responsible for recommending and or authorizing changes to this policy. Information Technology Services is responsible for providing and maintaining University of Hartford email accounts and unique email addresses. Individuals utilizing electronic mail are expected to adhere to all applicable Federal and State statutes and University policies, including the University's Responsible Technology Use Policy.

TPC E-Mail Quota Policy Statement

The University sets an e-mail space quota for each e-mail account to ensure appropriate capacity in support of the e-mail system. The quota and related operating instructions are located on the uhaweb, under Utilities and Directories, at

E-mail accounts over quota will be notified. Accounts remaining over quota will receive additional notifications before the e-mail account is disabled. If corrective action is not taken the e-mail account will be closed.