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Use of Bartending Services for Campus Events

Date: 5.12.11


This policy sets forth the University's requirements for dispensing (“bartending”) alcoholic beverages for campus-approved events. This policy is intended to ensure the University's compliance with state and local restrictions, while allowing flexibility for the University's purposes.


This policy governs upon any conflict between this policy and any other University policy or practice related to alcoholic beverages. Each University department or program must request and obtain written approval from an applicable University officer (i.e., President or Vice President) before providing any alcoholic beverage to any individual or group for any occasion. That department or program must cause each request for that approval to include verifiable evidence that the department or program has engaged a University-approved alcohol dispensing service to dispense that beverage for that occasion. To obtain the University's approval to dispense any alcoholic beverage at the University, an alcoholic dispensing service must provide satisfactory proof to the University's Purchasing Department that the service has obtained each legally-required license and permit, as well as appropriate insurance coverage.

Procedure to Select Dispensing Providers

ARAMARK-The University has engaged ARAMARK under a “right of first offer” arrangement to provide alcoholic beverages at each University event. Under this arrangement, if ARAMARK declines to provide those beverages according to the University’s good-faith proposal, then a University department or program is entitled to choose a different University-approved alcohol dispensing service. ARAMARK is licensed to provide alcohol service on and off campus with any catering order. Connecticut law prohibits ARAMARK from dispensing any alcoholic beverages that ARAMARK has not purchased.

Other Approved Dispensing Providers-If ARAMARK has declined the University’s good-faith proposal to provide alcoholic beverages at a University event, then a University department or program is entitled to proceed as follows:

  • purchasing appropriate alcoholic beverages through a different  University-approved dispensing service.; or

  • purchasing appropriate alcoholic beverages through an approved retailer – or obtaining the beverages as part of an appropriate donation – although any dispensing of the beverages must comply with applicable law including any legally-required permitting and insurance for dispensing personnel, as well as any applicable catering restrictions.

Procedure to Purchase Alcoholic Beverages

A University department or program remains entitled to proceed under this policy with any other University-approved dispensing provider in any instance that ARAMARK declines the University’s good-faith proposal under its right of first offer arrangement.

A University department or program must use a University purchase order when securing any approved dispensing provider or purchasing any alcoholic beverage.

The University’s Purchasing Department maintains a list of University-approved dispensing providers and alcoholic beverage retailers.

Note: This policy does not pertain to the Sports Center and Lincoln Theater since they maintain their own permits.