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Deeds Symposium

This symposium was created in 1982 at the University of Hartford to provide a forum for the discussion of free-market principles. Program speakers are internationally known participants in the continuing discussion of free enterprise and government.

Speaker Lecture Topic Date
Amity Schlaes The Forgotten Man and Three Presidents: Coolidge, Roosevelt, and Trump 2017
David Boaz America’s Libertarian Mind 2016
William Easterly How Freedom Got Lost in the War on Global Poverty 2015
Cal Thomas The Things That Matter Most 2014
Jeffrey A. Miron Libertarian Economist 2013
Stephen Moore Wall Street Journal 2012
Peter Schiff Financial Expert 2011
Todd Buchholz Former White House Economic Adviser 2010
Barry Asmus Economist 2009
Roger Scruton Noted British Philosopher 2007
Bernard Goldberg Media Critic 2005