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First Impressions, July 2017

Personal Mission Statement

Realize the true character and best potential of the University through the cultivation of a joyfully sustainable institution that is nationally recognized for its significant contributions to a better world through the transformative impact of education on the lives of our students, faculty, staff, and community; the exploration of new knowledge; and the creation of expressions that elevate the human experience.

Some Early Objectives

University Culture

  • Seek and execute bold, innovative, and intentional choices that enable us to create a first choice “University of the Future,” while serving as a thought-leader for higher education.
  • Empower and sustain a campus community of lifelong learners that is committed to equity, inclusion, diversity, and the right of every single individual to fully pursue his or her dreams in a supportive environment.
  • Be consistently and unfailingly student-centric, mindful of what we do and why we do it.
  • Serve in deeply connected ways as the University for Hartford and the surrounding communities.
  • Utilize the faculty, staff, and student body as agents of positive change throughout the region through service-learning, community engagement, and experiential learning partnerships.
  • Strive to make a UHart education accessible to students from all socio-economic backgrounds, empowering individuals, families, and communities.
  • Recruit, retain, and fully support a world-class faculty dedicated to our mission.
  • Recruit and develop a dedicated and efficient staff that is nimble, skilled, and committed to the success of our students and organization, as well as supported through education, professional development, and best practice technology.
  • Seek and support people and programs that bring national and international recognition to the University.

The Student Experience

  • Dedicate ourselves to a learning paradigm where the growth and development of all students intellectually, socially, and personally is our guiding star; where we use methods informed by theory, research, and wisdom of practice; and where we constantly and systematically investigate the results and work for continuous improvement.
  • Focus on a common intellectual core of learning that helps to develop broadly educated learners and intellectual curiosity.
  • Encourage and inspire academic rigor, excellence, and achievement, modeled in common learning goals and curriculum across the University.
  • Focus on the creation and full integration of a set of learning goals and extra- or co-curricular activities that support the exploration, discovery, and formation of tangible career pathways for all students.
  • Make experiential learning and other High Impact Practices a cornerstone of the University of Hartford learning paradigm.
  • Graduate students of high character, encouraging and mentoring intellectual curiosity, critical reasoning, thoughtful examination, democratic engagement, personal wellness, and unbounded creativity through the intentional pairing of academic content and student life activities that inspire and model these qualities.
  • Continue to engage, seek, and develop an expansive set of corporate and community partners to help educate and propel our students into their future lives.
  • Develop shared experiences and enhanced learning through the strategic intersection of undergraduate and graduate study.
  • Be attentive to wellness as a basic context for the University; for staff and faculty, and in practice and education for our students, including the support necessary to achieve a successful NCAA Division I athletics program that brings regional and national attention to the University.

University Resources

  • Build and maintain a sustainable University enrollment that works in balance with and supports a budget in equilibrium.
  • Encourage and enlist the strengths and engagement of the entire campus community in critical efforts focusing on the enrollment of first-year students, retention to second year, and persistence to graduation. 
  • Manage a program mix that fosters optimal enrollment, revenue, and cost, while maintaining and valuing the broad learning goals and ideals of the University as an academy of learning, knowledge creation, and creativity.
  • Explore new revenue-generating initiatives, including degrees at all levels, auxiliary sources, grants, fellowships, outside partnerships and support, and new enterprises.
  • Significantly grow the endowment of the University, seeking long-term financial stability for the institution, while also enhancing annual giving and special philanthropy in support of our mission.
  • Continue to build and develop relationships with, and the engagement of, dedicated and involved alumni.
  • Promote the University as widely and effectively as possible to an extensive range of constituents: prospective and current students, parents and relatives, the University and local community, alumni, friends, University partners, the higher education community, and unsuspecting strangers!
  • Utilizing a master plan that focuses on function, growth, academic priorities, and aesthetics, create a physical campus and a University environment that is compelling to prospective students and supports the educational goals of our undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Develop a more vibrant and appealing residential experience by renewing residence halls, residential life policies, residential life programming, and academic partnerships. Seek an undergraduate experience that centers on campus but is also inclusive of commuting and part-time students.