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Implementation Performance Dashboard

Goal 5: Ensuring Sustainability

Initiatives in support of Goal 5

  1. Identify metrics to determine the top initiatives that would generate the highest return on investment.
    Action Step Phase Complete
    An evaluation framework tool was developed to review the quantitative and qualitative viability of each initiative/proposal. Officers utilized the underlying philosophy to approve implementation action items. Feedback from other teams on content was sought. Senior leadership will provide direction on if, how and when they desire the requested tool to be utilized in the future. 2014 COMPLETE
  2. Maximize the use of facilities, people, resources and administrative structures to ensure the successful implementation of strategic plan priorities.
    Action Step Phase Complete
    Inventory, measure and categorize space data. Obtain and implement space analysis software for space analysis, allocation, and scenario planning. 2015–2017 in progress
    Survey graduate and international students to determine desired residential experience. 2015–2016 COMPLETE
    Perform detailed condition analysis of select residence halls and develop optimal capital spending strategies. 2015–2017 in progress
    Enhance class scheduling, maximizing the effective use of existing learning space. 2017–2018
    Enhance the scheduling and coordination of events maximizing the effective use of space and resources. 2017–2018 in progress
    Investigate best practices in student support services including cohesion and fluidity in service delivery, tracking degree progress and organizational models to improve both student and staff function, coordination, linkages, accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness. 2015–2017 in progress
    Evaluate and implement three web-based systems to improve student services:
         1. Develop a new 'one-stop' Student Services web page 2015-2017 in progress
         2. Purchase the academic advising tool Degree Works 2015 COMPLETE
         3. Purchase and implement the Student Success Collaborative 2015 COMPLETE
    Review and update all written and web-based resources related to student services 2015-2017 in progress
  3. Establish performance incentives and accountability systems that reward progress toward our goals and initiatives.
    Action Step Phase Complete
    Incorporate the University of Hartford "brand promise" into the expectations and performance tools and link to the allocation of merit (including job descriptions, campus wide training, and the Dialogue for Direction). 2014 COMPLETE
  4. Focus on operating the University in the most efficient and effective manner. Introduce lean management principles where appropriate.
    Action Step Phase Complete
    Conduct an enterprise wide assessment of existing under or un-utilized technology and system functionality and develop a timeline and plan for implementation to bring the university current. 2015–2017 in progress
    Establish an IT governance structure to effectively prioritize IT related projects and initiatives in alignment with our  2015–2016 in progress
    Research lean management best practices and outcomes utilized at other higher education institutions. Utilize outside expertise to conduct a lean management analysis. 2016–2017 in progress
  5. Increase revenues to reduce tuition dependency and expand investment in the University through private support, sponsored research and collaborative strategic partnerships.
    Action Step Phase Complete
    Expand non-tuition revenues by evaluating return on investment of current conference program, identify areas of improvement and determine opportunity for growth. 2015–2016 in progress

    Updated 11/15/2016