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Implementation Performance Dashboard

Goal 2: Increasing Outreach and Collaborative Partnerships

Initiatives in support of Goal 2

  1. Develop a network of robust, mutually beneficial relationships that advance university goals for students and support faculty engagement in relevant research and scholarship.
    Action Step Phase Complete
    Conduct initial survey to establish a baseline of existing partnerships 2014 COMPLETE
    Identify promising sectors (such as health care, manufacturing, the arts) 2014 COMPLETE
    Augment initial survey results with data gathered via individual meetings with academic and other units and through campus-wide group meetings (listening tour) 2015 COMPLETE
    Develop a methodology for assessing the effectiveness of partnerships 2015 COMPLETE
    Identify opportunities to expand existing partnerships, investing seed funding where appropriate 2015 on going
    Develop a strategic methodology to guide decision making re: identifying and cultivating partnerships, including factors such as: sector alignment, ability to leverage partnerships across the University, and inventory of potential High Impact Practices 2015-2016 pilot phase
    Work with colleges, departments and non-academic units to identify opportunities to participate with partners to enhance career readiness, higher order thinking skills and academic excellence through High Impact Practices 2015 on going
  2. Create a reward system for faculty and staff to participate in fostering and maintaining partnerships and meeting goals.
    Action Step Timeline Progress
    Speak with professionals in other institutions who have established successful partnership models; research available articles and identify conferences on topic 2015 COMPLETE
    Establish a baseline set of partnership best practices, including working definitions, tools for partners and University as well as menu of value adds for each 2014 COMPLETE
    Ensure that performance, merit and promotion guidelines recognize and encourage the value of cultivating and supporting partnerships 2015-2017 in progress
  3. Create a university-wide infrastructure to develop, nurture, and assess partnerships and assess their contribution to student learning and to the external partner.
    Action Step Timeline Progress
    Identify an initial Partnership Development Team (PDT) to launch initial partnership structure and initiative 2014 COMPLETE
    Establish a centralized position to coordinate efforts and fill position 2015 COMPLETE
    Establish a budget and line items 2015 COMPLETE
    Set expectations regarding partnership liaisons in academic and non-academic units. Task academic and non-academic units to establish and fill partnership support roles. 2015-2016 COMPLETE
    Work with relevant administrative departments, including Career Services, to recommend appropriate administrative staffing, organization so that they are prepared to support and contribute to development of career ready graduates. 2015-2017 in progress
    Adjust existing job descriptions of leadership and others, as necessary, to support partnership initiatives 2015-2017 in progress
    Design, establish and implement a permanent team to address hot topics, flag partner issues, share best practices and consider other issues as they arise 2015 COMPLETE
    Build a centralized database to capture partner information, activities and special concerns 2015-2017 in progress
    Build and launch a partnership website 2015 COMPLETE
    Design and launch University/partner communication plan (newsletter, spotlights, etc) 2015-ongoing on going
    Draft project plan for years 2 and 3 including plans to hand off to permanent infrastructure in year 2 2015 COMPLETE

    Updated: 11/15/2016