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Implementation Performance Dashboard

Goal 1: Promoting a Vibrant Educational Environment

Initiatives in support of Goal 1

  1. Identify essential learning outcomes distinctive to a University of Hartford education (such as breadth of knowledge, intellectual and practical skills, and personal and social responsibility) and infuse these outcomes throughout general education, disciplinary majors or programs of study, and the co-curriculum to prepare students to meet twenty-first century challenges.
    Action Step Timeline Progress
    Conduct campus inventory of existing  High Impact Practices (HIP) to determine degree of application and gather existing examples. Spring 2014 COMPLETE
    Distribute campus-wide survey of perceptions of the AUC and its role in HIP and ELO implementation. 2015-2016 COMPLETE
    Draft white paper of ELOs and HIPs to create a "vibrant educational environment" including criteria and guidelines for HIPs. Distribute white paper to Team #1 members for feedback. Distribute final version of white paper to all UH faculty.  Summer 2014 - Fall 2014 COMPLETE
    Hold town meetings/focus groups to solicit feedback on ELO and HIP documents 2014 COMPLETE
    Hold on-campus conference focused on ELO to stimulate development of final ELO recommendations and prepare faculty leaders for spring implementation work.
    Finalize and distribute ELO and HIP frameworks and road-map to University community. 2014 COMPLETE
    Identify core group of faculty in each college/school to form working groups to lead implementation in their unit. 2014 COMPLETE
    Hold college/school Friday workshops to develop college/school implementation plans. 2015 COMPLETE
    Hold University-wide conference/workshops to finalize program plans to implement Goal #1 ELO and HIP. 2015 COMPLETE
    Explore faculty leadership models for implementing and sustaining new curricular initiatives springing from Goal #1 (for example, a Committee Chair aided by a committee with faculty from each of the colleges) 2015-ongoing in progress
    Send team to AAC&U Summer Institute on HIP and Student Success 2015 COMPLETE
    Begin year #1 of ELO and HIP implementation 2015-2016 COMPLETE
  2. Create an orientation and first-year experience designed to introduce University values, improve retention, and lay the foundation for engaged participation in the intellectual, social, and cultural life of the university.

    Action Step Timeline Progress
    Research and report on existing best practices in FYE including goals and curricular and co-curricular practices. 2014 COMPLETE
    Conduct a university-wide inventory of existing FYE 2014 COMPLETE
    Draft a white paper on FYE goals, which complement the ELOs. This draft will include a recommended redesign of FYE to include high impact courses and practices, as well as criteria and guidelines for developing such practices. 2014-2014 COMPLETE
    Hold college/school meetings/town meetings/use website to solicit feedback on FYE white paper. 2014 COMPLETE
    Finalize and distribute FYE documents to University community. Fall 2014 COMPLETE
    Identify team to send to conference focused on FYE charged with bringing back information to disseminate and to provide summary report on key findings. 2016
    Identify core group of faculty and student affairs staff to develop fall orientation redesign to be implemented Fall 2015. This includes efforts to better integrate international and commuter students in fall orientation.  2015 COMPLETE
    Hold series of meetings to begin developing implementation plans. 2015 COMPLETE
    Hold University-wide conference/workshop to develop program plans to implement Goal #1 FYE. 2016-2017
    Begin implementation of revised FYE 2015-2016 COMPLETE
  3. Adopt a set of nationally recognized, data-driven teaching and learning practices to enhance student engagement in order to support success for all students.

    Action Step Timeline Progress
    Review implementation of HIP, ELO, and FYE. 2015-2016 COMPLETE
    Develop plan for assessing HIP and ELO implementation. 2015-2016 COMPLETE
    Conduct summer workshops to review first year of HIP, ELO, and FYE and make recommendations for next year. 2016 COMPLETE
  4. Invest in existing and new programs that clarify pathways for careers or are responsive to demand for professional development as cumulative credits toward advanced degrees.

    Action Step Timeline Progress
    Form a working group to explore an interdisciplinary  media major to serve as a model for subsequent interdisciplinary majors. 2016 in progress
    Hire consultant to help identify new programs that are responsive to market demand. 2015 in progress
    Propose committee infrastructure for promoting and evaluating interdisciplinary study at the undergraduate level and cross-disciplinary collaboration at the graduate level.  2016

    Updated: 11/15/2016