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Annual Requirements

All academic programs are expected to have assessment plans in which they identify program-level student-learning outcomes, methods for assessing those outcomes, criteria for rating students’ performance on the assessments, and a schedule for assessing the outcomes. All academic programs are to report annually in TracDat the specific results of the assessments, an analysis of the findings, and a plan of action, based on the findings, for the upcoming year.

In general, student-learning outcomes should be assessed more than once. If a particular concept or skill is crucial to a course or even an entire program, then it makes sense to afford students frequent feedback and multiple opportunities for improvement, and it makes sense for faculty to have the opportunity to track improvement over time rather than see an unsatisfactory performance when it is too late to do anything about it. At the program level, multiple assessments reinforce the importance of the outcome as something attached to a program, not just a course. The product or performance assessed and the rating method do not need to be the same each time an outcome is assessed. 

Programs are not expected to assess every student on every outcome every year.  Instead, they should be guided by the Curriculum Map to see what outcomes are being assessed in what courses.  Data on these assessments should be gathered and examined by the faculty on an annual basis.