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Academic Staff Excellence Award Recipients

2016 Recipient

Amy Lesko

At the surprise presentation to Lesko, Provost Vaquez shared comments submitted in support of her nomination:

“Amy’s contributions to the Dance Division are truly significant, positive, & of the highest quality”

“All her colleagues, in our division and throughout the university, know that they can turn to her for wisdom, responsiveness, care and concern, practical solutions, passionate involvement, respect, and often a good laugh, as well.”

She gracefully moves between various tasks with a dancer’s ease and a brilliant smile”

“She challenges us to be better people by modeling kindness, honesty and professionalism”

“The success of our division is due in larger part to the humble & graceful assistance of Amy Lesko”

“She is a model for any aspiring professional and guiding light for all who know her.”

2015 Recipient

Natalie Wing

In presenting the award to Wing, Provost Vasquez read excerpts from several of the letters that were submitted in support of her nomination:

“Natalie, over the past many years, has literally been the glue that holds our division together.”

”Her wisdom, approachability, and generosity of spirit have helped make our School a warm and inviting place to be.”

“Natalie’s kindheartedness, but most importantly, her energy and resolve, became the catalyst for this community expression of love and concern.”

“The Hartt and University community is still buzzing about Natalie’s 'Hartt Supports the Hawks' event.”

“She has proven herself to be a wonderful, unique, and invaluable member of our community, whose tireless efforts and loving spirit have made our University stronger, more unified, and more rewarding for all of us.”

2014 Recipient

Lynn Galvin

Members of the University community highlighted Galvin’s qualities of professionalism, wisdom, energy, and commitment.

“Lynn has established an outstanding record of community activities in the College, the University, and beyond.”

“Lynn is an inexhaustible source of good cheer and encouragement. She selflessly credits other for enhancements that she initiated, but that clearly benefit all of us.”

“Her calm nature, her competence, her consistency, and her dedication are all qualities that benefit the University.”

“Lynn works with a style that goes beyond any job description one could write for the positions she has held. She conducts herself professionally and not once have I seen her become overwhelmed by a given task or assignment.”

2013 Recipient

Donna Galin

In the nomination packet received by the selection panel, members of our University community highlighted many of Donna's qualities that serve as an example to others.  Here is a sampling: 

“She continues in her multi-tasking roles, and she is an incomparable miracle worker!”

“She shows an amazing resourcefulness—an initiative, efficiency, and creativity that are breathtaking.”

“She has a rich talent for binding the members of the department together, a talent that promotes harmony and a happy working environment for all, and she promotes the University’s mission and emphasis on community.”

“She is truly exemplary, a role model for any aspirant to her level of professional expertise.  I cannot conceive of someone bettering her performance.”

“The University is very fortunate to have someone of her exceptional caliber working so tirelessly to improve operations of its academic and administrative community.”

2012 Recipient

Marlene Hall

The following list of just a sampling of the qualities exemplified by Marlene:

"She continues to be a patient teacher, quick problem solver, and excellent communicator."

"She sees the big picture, and has always been willing to step outside of her assigned role to contribute toward the larger mission of the department and college."

"She is a talented professional who has demonstrated her unwavering commitment to the University community and inspires that commitment in others."

"I know of no one who is more dedicated to building a culture that respects all of its members and celebrates their contributions."

"Through her leadership in the nursing program, she has guided many nurses in Connecticut to become leaders in their respective fields."

"I can rely on her to proactively and reliably work for greater well-being of students, faculty, and staff."

"She exhibits a personal sense of pride and joy in working for the University of Hartford that is contagious."