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P-Card Program

The P-Card program was rolled out effective July 1, 2003. Information on this page will help you understand what the Procurement Card is. For more detailed information, check out P-Card Policy Manual and P-Card responsibilities. 

What is the P-Card used for?
Minor purchases in lieu of a PO (purchase order) or PEV (personal expense voucher).

What is it not to be used for?
Personal charges, payment of independent contractors or services, or major purchases (requisition process till required).

How do you use the P-Card?
It is used just like a credit card; give your Fund or Orgn when the vendor asks for the customer code.

How do I charge the appropriate accounting distribution?

  • Give the proper customer code, Fund or Orgn.
  • If no customer code is given, each cardholder will have a default Fund or Orgn. 
  • The sub account will be determined based on the vendor classification. Every vendor is assigned a corresponding sub account from our system. For example, Waldbaum's ia a vendor type which equals sub account 68500 (food). If it's undefinable, it will default to sub account 66666 (P-Card expense, a newly created sub account).
  • Edit through the "Smart Data" software system prior to download to BANNER. Edit with an IDT (inter-departmental transfer) after download has occurred.

What are my responsibilities as a cardholder?

  • Ensuring that no tax is charged for purchases; tax exempt stickers will be affixed to each card.
  • Ensuring that there are available funds in your Fund or Orgn to support the purchase.
  • The purchase must be made on behalf of the University; no commingling with personal purchases.
  • Maintain a log (that will be supplied to you) and reconciling your monthly statement. Log is subject to audit at anytime by Accounting and Internal Auditing.
  • Keep the card secure and not allow anyone to purchase with the card on your behalf.

What are my responsibilities as a manager of a cardholder(s)?

  • Review all your subordinates purchases and verify that they are acceptable.
  • Notify Accounting at the first sign of any trouble.
  • Learn the "Smart Data" software system.