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What are the commodity codes?
For a listing of commodity codes, click here.

What are the sub-account codes?
For a listing of sub-account codes, click here.

What are the guidelines for obtaining bids or quotes?
Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind to avoid any delays in the processing of your requisition.
  • For requisitions between $0 to $1499, no quote is required, just reference the full name of the person you talked to and the date.
  • For requisitions between $1500 and $2999, at least one quote is required. It can be faxed to the Procurement Department the same day you enter your requisition on-line. Procurement will review the quote for the vendors terms, conditions and pricing.

  • For requisitions over $3000, bids are required by the Procurement Department. A minimum of three written quotes will be solicited. Submit a requisition along with a description and/or specification of the products or services desired. Allow 14 days for the bid process to be completed, provided no other additional information is needed. Procurement will include the requisitioner in the review of the bids received for the vendors terms, conditions, specifications, and pricing.

Procurement reserves the right to seek additional information or quotes for any requisitions submitted to Procurement.

What is my purchase requisition number?
Use screen FPIREQS. Tab to the second field, enter your name followed by a % sign. Tab to the third field and enter the date you want the search to start from to the present date. If no date is specified, all requisitions entered will be queried.

How can I tell if a Purchase Order number has been assigned to a Requisition?
There are several ways to get the status of your purchase requisitions. By checking the:

  • FPIREQN - This is a query form that displays the purchase order number in the commodity-line item screen.
  • FGIOENC. This is an information form that displays purchase requisitions and purchase orders which are completed, approved, or in process.

Who does typewriter maintenance? How does the contract work? How do we contact them?
James Colla, All State Business Machines is our typewriter maintenance person. He can be reached at 860.643.8687. Normally, they will clean and tune-up departmental typewriters from July through October. It is a building by building, department by department process. Capitol is to ask a department representative if they want their typewriters cleaned and inventoried. If a department does want the yearly preventative maintenance contract, the department representative will be asked authorize the yearly contract by signing a master list and assign an account number to charge the maintenance contract and yearly cleaning. If a department does not want the maintenance contract and cleaning for the whole department or individual typewriter, it must be indicated on the master list, otherwise you may be charged for the service.

What information is required to process an order for Food?
All catering/dining arrangements are to be directed ARAMARK. They are the University of Hartford's preferred vendor through contract arrangements. Obtain a faxed quote directly from ARAMARK. Contact Dennis Gacioch x7937 for further details on processing orders. Any other data is optional.

What information is required to process an order for Travel?
All travel arrangements are to be directed A&S Travel. They are the University of Hartford's preferred vendor through contract arrangements. Any travel arrangements require a purchase order number. Obtain a faxed quote from A&S Travel and process an electronic purchase requisition. Include the flight number(s) and times, name of the airline(s), name of the traveler(s) and the destination(s) in the commodity-line item screen. Any other data is optional.

Why is that individual on the approval list?
Each department designates approval levels and the individuals through Accounting for the Banner system. Problems can occur when Accounting is not notified of changes in personnel or levels responsibility for specific FUNDS/ORGS. If you have any questions, contact Accounting or Procurement.

How do I process an Emergency order?
Enter your requisition and notify Procurement of the nature of the emergency request. If the approval process is completed by the time Procurement is contacted, the process can be completed on the phone.

For additional assistance, please contact the Procurement Department.