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How to Fill Out an ITS IDT Form

Instructions for Submitting Interdepartmental Transfers (IDT) to ITS

1.  Type of Transaction:

Fill out the type of transaction.  This IDT can only be used to purchase a Hawk PC, Hawk Mac, computer peripherals and software.

2.  Person Receiving Equipment:

Fill out who this PC/peripheral is going to.  This should be the person who is actually receiving the equipment.  If it is a lab or classroom, this would be for the person who will be responsible for the lab/classroom.  This person will be contacted by ITS when equipment is ready to be deployed.  Please Note:  Please make sure that the ORG is filled out.  This will be where Accounting will assign the asset to (does not mean that the ORG pays for the equipment).

3.  Department to be Charged:

Fill out which department is going to be charged.  This does not have to be the department who is actually receiving the equipment.

4.  Transfer Information:

Please fill out the transfer information.  The Fund/Org is where the money will be coming from.  Under Sub-Account Title, you will have a choice of what sub-account will be paying for the equipment.  There is a drop down menu that you can choose from.  Any missing or inaccurate information will delay the receiving of equipment.

68100 - Capital Expenditures (over $2,500):  This is for computers or equipment that is over $2,500.

68100 - Printer (over $2,500): This is for printers that are over $2,500.  Requires it's own IDT.

68110 - Non-Capital Exp. PC Only (under $2,500):  This is for computers under $2,500.

68110 - Printer (under $2,500):  Printers under $2,500.  Requires it's own line on an IDT.

68129 - Hardware Exp. (under $2,500):  Use for computer peripherals (not printers) under $2,500 (RAM, Hard Drives, etc).

68129 - Extended Warranty:  Use this for PCs that require a longer warranty than the standard Hawk PC warranty.

68135 - Software Expenditure:  For software - no hardware.

68100P - Capital Expenditure (over $2,500) Pooled account:  For equipment over $2500 that comes from a grant.

68110P - Non-Capital Expenditure (under $2,500) Pooled Account:  For equipment under $2,500 that comes from a grant.

68135P - Software Expenditure - Pooled Account:  For Software that comes from a grant - no hardware.

On the right side, you need to use the drop down for where the funds will be going to.  Fill in the amount under Amount.  It will be totaled for you at the bottom. 

If you are purchasing a printer and a computer, they need to be on separate lines. 

If you are purchasing a longer warranty (4+ years), that additional warranty must be on a separate line.

You do not need to use a separate line for additional software and hardware (excluding printers) if you are purchasing a computer.  Add the total cost to the one line.  It will automatically add the total cost at the bottom.  You will still need to explain what you are purchasing in the Explanation field.

5.  Explanation:

Please tell us what you are purchasing.  Please be specific. 

For example:

Dell Optiplex 7020, w/ 4 GB RAM, 17" LCD Monitor, Wireless keyboard & mouse

If you are purchasing for a lab, you can use one line from section 4, but you must explain what you are purchasing and write in the amount of each individual PC in the explanation field. 

For example:  If you are purchasing 10 PCs for a lab and the total is $10,000 for all PCs and equipment, you can put in the total amount of $10,000 in section 4 under Amount.  However, you must put down that you are buying 10 PCs in the explanation section and write in the cost of each computer and any software/hardware that is included with it. (i.e. 10 PCs @ $2,500 each = $25,000) 

10 Dell Optiplex 7020s with Cornerstone & EndNote - PC @ $2,500 X 10 = $25,000

Do not attach anything to IDT.  Everything that you are purchasing must be in the explanation field. 

Do not put any instructions for setting up a Hawk PC in the explanation field.  When the PC is set up, we will ask then how it is to be set up.

6.  Signatures:

Please input who is filling out the IDT (does not have to be the actual person receiving equipment) and have an authorized signature and printed name in this section.  If we have a question about the IDT, we will contact the person who filled out the form.

Requested by: (the person filling out the form and sending it to ITS, not the person receiving the equipment)

Authorization Signature: (Person authorized to sign for department)

The person who is receiving equipment cannot authorize the IDT.