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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this IDT for anything other then ordering equipment through ITS?

No.  You will need to use the standard UHart IDT for anything other then equipment purchases through ITS.  You cannot use the Hawk IDT to transfer money for wiring or bubble-sheets.  Click here for the Accounting Form for a UHart IDT.

Where do I send the IDT to when I am finished with it?

You need to send it to ITS, CC125.  Do not send it to Accounting.  This will only delay receiving the equipment.

Can I order two computers (or more) for two people (or more) on one IDT?

No.  For every person that is receiving a computer, you must have a separate IDT for each person.

Can I put several computers on the same IDT for a lab/classroom?

Yes, but you must break down the cost of each PC in the explanation field.

Can I put a printer and computer on the same IDT?

Yes, but they must be on separate lines within the same IDT.

Can I put a capital printer (over $2,500) and a computer on the same IDT?

No.  A capital printer (over $2,500) must have it's own IDT.

What happens if I submit an IDT with missing information?

The IDT will be returned and the equipment will not be ordered.

The form won't load, what do I do?

The PDF form will take a couple of seconds to load.  However, if it gives you an error or won't load at all, you may need to install or update Adobe Reader.  Click on the Adobe Reader button above to install or update Adobe Reader.  If you are still having a problem, you can contact ITS.

Can I save my filled in form?

The only way that you can save your filled in form is if you have Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Can I sign the IDT digitally?


Can I just use any Sub-Account to pay for my PC or peripherals?

No.  Anything over $2,500 is considered capital expenses and must come from account 68100.  Anything under $2,500 is not considered capital, so it must come out of 68110.  68130 is no longer used.  68129 is used for parts and equipment under $2,500.

If I buy a computer that is worth $950 and a printer that is worth $250, is that considered capital?

No.  Since printers must be on a different line of an IDT, the computer and the printer would not be considered capital, so they would need to come out of 68110 each on separate lines.

If I buy a computer for $2300 and monitors for $500, is that considered capital?

Yes.  A monitor and a PC are considered one unit, so if the PC and the monitor go over $2,500, it is considered capital.  If you buy any extra equipment, such as keyboards, mice and external hard drives and the total comes to over $2,500, it must come out of capital expenditures as well.

If I buy a computer for $950 and add an extended warranty for an extra $100, is that considered capital?

No.  If the price of the PC itself is under $2,500, it is still considered non-capital.  The warranty and the PC must be on separate lines.  If the PC on the line is under $2,500, it is not capital.  If the PC itself is over $2,500, then it is considered capital.

If I buy a computer and I need an extended warranty, can I add it to the cost of the PC?

No.  Extended warranties must be on their own line and must come from 68129, no matter if the PC is capital or not.

If I need to order equipment that I have to pay shipping for, does that need to be on a separate line?

No.  That is considered a part of the cost of the item.

What if I need to find out the status of my order?

Please contact the Helpdesk at X5999 or


Please be sure that you have enough funds to cover all computer equipment in the correct budget lines.  Any IDT that is NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) will be returned.

There is a Reset button at the bottom of the IDT.  This will clear all the fields.

Click the Print button on the IDT form to print the IDT out.

When you are done, please submit this to ITS, CC125.  Do not send to Accounting - this will only delay your order.

If you have any questions, please contact ITS -