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Whistleblower hotline

Through a partnership with EthicsPoint, an independent, third-party service provider, the University community has access to a whistleblower hotline that features both traditional phone-based reporting, as well as confidential web-based reporting.  The hotline provides an opportunity to anonymously report a wide variety of concerns, including illegal or dishonest behavior, fraud, violations of University policy, or threats to personal safety.  Note that emergencies should be reported to Public Safety at (860) 768-7777.

To ensure anonymity, telephone calls and web submissions are received directly by EthicsPoint on its own secure server or phone lines.  EthicsPoint representatives are specially trained to ensure that your concern is properly and anonymously routed to University administration.

The hotline also provides a means for whistleblowers and University investigators to communicate with each other – while still ensuring complete anonymity for the whistleblower.  Through password-protected access to the EthicsPoint website, whistleblowers can provide additional information and respond to follow-up questions from University personnel, while maintaining their anonymity. 

The whistleblower hotline supplements and complements other existing mechanisms and avenues for reporting employee concerns at the University.  The whistleblower hotline is not intended to be used as a replacement for normal supervisory reporting lines or interdepartmental interactions.

To learn more about the whistleblower hotline, or to report a concern, please visit  Alternatively, if you wish to report a concern via phone, please dial the EthicsPoint toll-free whistleblower hotline assigned for the University: (844) 256-3946.