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Sponsored Students

Information for the Sponsored Student                                                           
Sponsored Student Responsibility
Important Things to Remember

Information for the Sponsored Student

As a courtesy, the University may bill a Sponsor on a student’s behalf. The student is responsible to make sure that the Bursar’s Office receives all Sponsor-provided documentation before a covered semester begins. Please consult the University’s online academic calendar or call the Student Administrative Services Center at (860)768-4999 for each semester’s beginning and ending dates. If the student fails to submit required paperwork before a covered semester begins, the student may incur late fees or registration holds.

Upon approving all documentation, the Bursar’s Office will apply a conditional credit to the student’s account, bearing “Bill to Sponsor” notation. The conditional credit does not relieve the student from any financial responsibility to the University. If the Bursar’s Office does not receive payment from the Sponsor, then the Bursar’s Office will:

  • reverse the conditional credit on the student’s account;
  • hold the student liable to immediately pay the account balance in full;
  • place a financial hold on the student’s account;
  • not lift that hold until the entire balance has been paid; and
  • not waive any fee that has been added to the student’s account as a result of late payment.

The University will begin invoicing the Sponsor after the University’s registration add/drop period is complete. Due to the number of third party sponsors that are invoiced, please allow up to two weeks after the add/drop period ends for invoices to be submitted to the Sponsor.

The University automatically bills each international student for medical insurance. If the student already carries the proper insurance coverage as mandated by law, then the student is responsible to have the medical insurance fee waived through the International Center, located in the Gengras Student Union, Room 327. Please contact the International Center for insurance fee-waiver deadline information.

Sponsored Student Responsibility:                                                  Top of Page

  • Student has the ultimate responsibility for paying their bill;
  • Student must provide a valid authorization from their sponsor prior to the start of the semester;
  • Student is responsible for paying any balance not covered by the sponsor;
  • Student is responsible for maintaining proper enrollment as required by their sponsor;
  • Student is responsible to obtain renewals for authorizations as needed;
  • Student remains in contact with their sponsor until the terms of the authorization are met;
  • To prevent any complications with graduation, the student should check with the Bursar’s Office approximately one month prior to graduation to verify that all invoices billed to the sponsor have been paid in full.

Important Things to Remember:                                                      Top of Page

  • If, for any reason, the Sponsor does not pay an invoice, the student remains liable for full payment of each incurred charge.
  • Despite any valid authorization, the student must pay as billed any charge that the Sponsor has not agreed to pay (i.e., parking fines, health center charges, etc.). By issuing a cashier hold, the University restricts services such as registration, release of transcript and release of diploma.
  • If a “Bill to Sponsor” credit creates a credit balance on the student’s account, then the Bursar’s Office does not issue a refund until it receives the Sponsor’s payment. The student can request a refund for that credit through the Bursar’s Office at or (860)768-4360.