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Storm Advisory for Sunday, Jan. 20

A winter storm warning remains in effect for Hartford County until 7 p.m. today. Residential students are asked to postpone their return to campus to Monday afternoon or, for those whose class schedules allow, Tuesday. Students, please do not travel to and arrive on campus today.

Hartt Community Division activities today and this evening are canceled.

Third Party Billing Program

This program applies when a government agency, company, corporation – or other University-approved third-party sponsor (“Sponsor”) that the University of Hartford (the “University”) has approved – requires an invoice for payment of an amount that is due from a student. As a courtesy at the University’s sole discretion, and without accepting responsibility or liability for any related requirement between the student and the Sponsor, the University may bill that Sponsor on the student’s behalf (“Third-Party Billing”). The Third-Party Billing process is initiated with a three-way agreement between the Sponsor, the University and the student, who must ensure that the Third-Party Billing payment authorization is not conditional, and not contingent upon the student’s grades or course completion.

Each student to which the University extends this Third-Party Billing courtesy remains bound by each University policy and payment deadline. That student is responsible to verify that the University receives the proper documentation required to bill a Sponsor. To initiate this process, the student must cause an authorization letter, financial-guarantee letter, purchase order or tuition-assistance voucher to be sent to the Bursar’s Office before the covered semester begins.

To obtain the University’s approval as a Sponsor, an entity must provide to the Bursar’s Office specific billing authorization to set up a Third-Party Billing contract. The University requires the following steps in order to set up an approved Third Party Billing arrangement.

1.  No later than an applicable semester’s fee payment deadline (to view payment due dates click here), the student is responsible for submitting a Sponsor-authorized letter or voucher on the Sponsor’s letterhead to the Bursar’s Office.

Authorizations can be sent by any following method:

  • e-mail to;
  • FAX to (860)768-4521 to the attention of Third-Party Billing;
  • hand delivery to the Bursar’s Office, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; or
  • regular mail to:

Bursar Office, Third-Party Billing
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117

The University requires the following in each authorization:

  • Sponsor’s name and complete contact information;
  • student’s name and University ID;
  • semester or dates being covered (if covering more than one semester, the effective and expiration dates need to be included);
  • specific charges covered (i.e., tuition, fees, housing, meal plan, parking permit, etc.);
  • any minimum or maximum amount that the Sponsor is willing to pay;
  • signature and date from an authorized Sponsor official; and
  • special instructions for invoicing.

To inquire about direct billing options for books and supplies, the student will need to contact the Follett Bookstore at (860)768-4801.

2.  Each authorization is valid for one semester unless the University specifies otherwise.

3.  The student’s account will receive a conditional credit upon the University’s receipt of the Third-Party Billing contract (please allow 48 hours for your student account to be updated with the conditional credit). Once the University sends to Sponsor an invoice requesting payment for the student, payment is due in full and not contingent upon grades or completion of courses. If the Sponsor fails to send payment as per amount of Third-Party Billing contract or fails to pay within specified due dates, then the University will reinstate charges to the student’s account and hold the student responsible for their payment.

4.  Please contact the Bursar’s Office at or (860)768-4360 with any question regarding Third-Party Billing and payment.