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Student FERPA FAQ's

Do I have access to my own education records?
Yes, you may request to inspect and review your education records by contacting the University Registrar, Doreen Lay at 860-768-5565 to schedule an appointment.

Are there limitations to the access that I have to my education records?
Yes. A student is not entitled to review and inspect “sole possession” records. These records are created for the purpose of being viewed only by the person creating them. They are not shared with other faculty, teaching assistants or administrators. Notes that are kept by an instructor about students in order to determine grades are an example of “sole possession” records.

Can I request changes to my education records?
Yes, you may request changes. These must be specified in writing and directed to the university registrar. There will be an official response within 30 academic days.

What is not included in an education record?
Medical records including psychological, law enforcement records created by an official police unit (not university security), employment and alumni records are not included in the education record.

How do I authorize release of my education record?
You can specify who may obtain access to your education record and whether some or all information may be disclosed by filling a “Consent to Release Student Information” form with the Student Administrative Services Center (SASC). You may view and print a copy of the form at the SASC website address: Authorization remains in effect until rescinded by the student in writing.

Who may have access to my student information that is protected under FERPA?
Your consent is not required to disclose

  • to school officials who have a legitimate educational interest
  • to federal, state, and local authorities, involving an audit or evaluation of compliance with educational programs; in connection with financial aid
  • to accrediting organizations
  • to organizations conducting studies for or on behalf of educational institutions
  • to parents of a dependent student
  • to comply with a judicial order or subpoena
  • in health or safety emergency
  • releasing the results of a disciplinary hearing to an alleged victim of a crime or violence.

What information can be released without my consent?
Directory information may be disclosed without your authorization. Directory information includes

  • name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • major field of study
  • dates of attendance
  • current enrollment status (full time, part time)
  • class standing
  • receipt or non-receipt of a degree
  • academic awards received (dean’s list, cum laude, summa, magna)

What can I do if I do not want my directory information made available to the public?Any student objecting to the release of directory information should write to the University Registrar requesting this information be withheld.