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Parent FERPA Information

Consent to Release Student Information Form - Opens FERPA form

FERPA Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Do I have a right to access my son’s or daughter’s records?
At the university level, parents have no inherent rights to access or inspect their son or daughter's education records.  Records may be released to parents only if they have been given a written release by the student or in compliance with a subpoena.

Students may grant their parents (or others) permission to access their educational records by filing a “Consent to Release Student Information” form with the Student Administrative Services Center.  You may click here to view and print a copy of the form.  Authorization remains in effect until rescinded by the student in writing.

May I receive grades and progress reports?
Such things as progress in a course, deficiencies in a subject area, scores and grades on papers, and exams are examples of personally identifiable information that make up part of the student's education record. 

Since I am paying the bill, may I have access to my son or daughter’s student financial account?
As in the case of grades and progress reports, a student’s financial account is protected information under FERPA.  The student must authorize access to this information.

What about crisis situations or emergencies?
If non-directory information is needed to resolve a crisis or emergency situation, an education institution may release that information if the institution determines that the information is "necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals."   This includes releasing information to school officials at another institution.  A record must be made of the disclosure.

Whom do I contact with questions or concerns?
General questions, comments, or suggestions may be directed to the University Assistant Registrar – Andrew Ackerman .