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SASC Customer Bill of Rights and Customer Service Principles

Customer's Bill of Rights

As a valued customer, I expect to:

  • Receive courteous and respectful service all the time.
  • Be the top priority and focus during the service experience.
  • Find processes, rules and regulations that are customer-centered, and adhere to required laws and guidelines.
  • Be offered appropriate solutions to my problem(s).
  • Get value for my investment in time and money.
  • Be considered as an individual with unique service needs.
  • Be listened to and communicated to honestly.
  • Have timely and secure access to information.
  • Be served in a professional environment that is neat, bright, welcoming and safe.
  • Have my privacy respected.
  • Understand and be able to accomplish my part of the service process.

To become and continue to be a valued customer, I will:

  • Work with the service person to make the service experience a success.
  • Provide prompt, accurate, and constructive feedback when I don't receive the expected quality of service.
  • Provide prompt, positive and constructive feedback when service meets or exceeds my expectations.


  • Our customers are students, potential students, parents and guardians, faculty, administrators, colleagues, coworkers and team members.
  • Our customers see us as representatives of the University of Hartford and expect us to act as such.
  • Our customers find value in the service they receive and the relationship they have with the service provider.  Good customer service includes both.
  • Our customer service representatives have a positive outlook and truly enjoy working with people.  They have the energy and skill to make customers their main focus and meet or exceed their needs.
  • Our customer service representatives know their business and services, and understand how their efforts affect the success of the services. 

  • Customer Service Principle #1:
    Customers should be valued as people, and shown courteous and concerned attention to their needs.
  • Customer Service Principle #2:
    Customers are Our Top Priority
  • Customer Service Principle #3:
    Services should be Customer Centered
  • Customer Service Principle #4:
    The Customer is Always the Customer
  • Customer Service Principle #5:
    The Customer Deserves Value
  • Customer Service Principle #6:
    Each Customer is Unique
  • Customer Service Principle #7:
    Customers Deserve Honest Communication
  • Customer Service Principle #8:
    Teamwork is Vital
  • Customer Service Principle #9:
    The Service Environment is Important
  • Customer Service Principle #10:
    The Service Process Should Make Sense