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Payment Information

Payment of charges
Registration fees for the Spring 2018 term are due and payable January 4, 2018. Billing statements for students registered full time will be processed by December 6, 2017.  Regardless of whether or not you have been billed, your financial obligation must be addressed in order for you to be cleared for attendance. If you are not cleared for attendance, then you will not be listed on class rosters as authorized to attend. Failure to pay by the due date will lead to a cashier's restriction on your account. A default charge of 1.5% of the unpaid balance is added each month on all past-due accounts. The University requires that all remittances be in the form of U.S. currency and that your check/money order be payable in U.S. dollars through a financial institution with an office in the United States. Students are responsible for any fees charged to the University by our bank for processing checks through a foreign collection agency.

Checks/money orders/traveler's checks
Checks, money orders and traveler's checks should be made payable to University of Hartford. To expedite processing, please include your University ID number and name on all forms of payment. The University requires that all remittances be in the form of U.S. currency and that your check be payable in U.S. dollars through a financial institution with an office in the United States. Checks returned for insufficient funds or stop payment incur a $25 fee. All payments remitted with your statement stub should be sent to:

P.O. Box 416362
Boston, MA 02241-6362

SASC Operating Hours
The Student Administrative Services Center (SASC)  accepts payment from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday.

Please contact SASC at 860.768.4999 or for special holiday hours.

Credit Card Payments
The University no longer accepts credit card payments on campus. Credit card payments must be made using CASHNet Smartpay. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express cards. If you wish to pay all or a portion of your charges this way, you may pay online by clicking the web payment link below. CASHNet charges a 2.75% service charge for card payments. There is no fee for paying by e-check (ACH). 

Web payment

Wire transfers - for information on making a wire payment please contact the Student Administrative Services Center at or by phone at 860-768-4999. 

Note: Student University ID number and PIN are required for all online payments.

International Payment Option
Payment through Western Union Business Solutions allows international students to pay on their student account in the currency of their home country.  By selecting this payment option you will have a ‘Pending’ payment on your (CASHNet - My Account Information) page to signify that you have begun the process.  PENDING Western Union Business Solution payments do not release holds or credit your student account. You will need to print out the Western Union Business Solution payment instructions and deliver it to your bank within 72 hours to keep the exchange rate offered.  If payment is not made within this timeframe, University of Hartford may not receive the full amount expected depending on foreign currency fluctuations.  Once Western Union Business Solutions receives the funds they will transfer them to University of Hartford in US dollars, at which time the ‘Pending’ status of the payment will be removed, and the payment will be posted to your student account.  Please click here to read more information about this new payment option.

Payment Plans
We at the University of Hartford realize that managing the cost of education is a challenge for most families. Therefore, the University has set up a program called Tuition Payment Plan with HigherOne. Through our program with this institution, we are pleased to offer you an affordable and convenient payment option for meeting college costs.

The University of Hartford monthly Tuition Payment Plan allows you to pay current annual expenses in 10 interest-free installments beginning July 1. The only cost to you is an application fee.* Half of your budget contract amount will be credited to your student account each term. Applications and the proper payment must be received by the published deadline for students to participate in this payment plan.

Please note that you should compare your budgeted amount to the Bursar billing statement. Any discrepancies are the responsibility of the student, and they will be required either to adjust their plan accordingly or, if necessary, make payments through SASC. Refunds resulting from credits of Tuition Payment Plan Budget Contracts will be issued upon receipt of funds from HigherOne.  Visit the Tuition Payment Plan website for details and information about the monthly Tuition Payment Plan. You can contact HigherOne in December regarding a 4-payment-spring-plan option.

Outside Scholarships
Scholarships from private sources are not applied to your account until the funds from the awarding agency are received by the SASC. One half of the award will be credited each semester (fall/spring), unless otherwise noted by the awarding agency. The student is responsible to pay their bill in accordance with the due dates listed on our billing statements. Anticipating the receipt of scholarship funds does not defer the account balance. Therefore, in order to remain current with your account and avoid a 1.5% default charge on the unpaid balance, the student should pay the amount due by the due date. If posting the scholarship funds to the student’s account creates a true credit balance, the student can then request a refund from the SASC. All refund requests are subject to review by Management.

Note: Fees and charges are subject to change. For confirmation, please refer to the latest bulletin or contact your respective schools or SASC at 860.768.4999.

*Additional fees may be assessed on late payments.

Please click here to view the Bursar's Office student billing schedule.