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Financial Aid Recipients

This information is meant only to provide you with an overview of University policy and procedures. Complete official policies may be found in the University Bulletin and supplements. 

All financial assistance amounts that appear on your Bursar billing statement are tentative, pending final validation by the Office of Student Financial Assistance. 

Questions regarding eligibility of financial aid should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Assistance at 860.768.4296.

University Aid: Scholarships, University grants, and federal grants listed on your financial assistance award notification will be credited to your account. One half of the total award will be credited each semester, unless your award letter specifies otherwise.

Work Study is not credited to your account. Funds are paid directly to you biweekly (as earned) by the University's Payroll Department. You can contact the Office of Financial Aid regarding a job assignment.

Federal Stafford and Plus Loan In prior years, the University processed Federal Stafford and PLUS loans through the Federal Education Loan program (FFEL), in which students and parents borrow from private lenders and banks. Since the Summer of 2010, the University has participated exclusively in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan program. Direct Lending is a federal loan program allowing the student and/or parent to borrow directly from the federal government. On March 30, 2010, President Obama signed legislation into law eliminating the Federal Family Education Loan program, making the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan program the sole federal education loan program. We believe that this program offers students and parents a more streamlined, stable and predictable borrowing experience. It is not impacted by changes in the economy and allows families to complete the entire process on one website. First-time borrowers must complete an entrance interview which can be completed online through More information regarding this program may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office website (click here to visit).

State scholarships will be credited to your account as a memo credit once Financial Aid receives the roster from your state and your file is verified, if applicable. A memo credit will exempt you from default charges on the anticipated amount of the scholarship for each term, and the award amount will be included in determining whether you have met your financial obligation to the University.

Perkins Loans will appear as a memo credit on your account until you have signed a promissory note for the loan each year. You will be notified by the Loan Control Office about a date and time to sign the promissory note. Failure to sign your note according to the published schedule will result in cancellation of your loan. Click here for further details on entrance/exit information.

Outside awards from private sources are not applied to your account until the funds from the awarding agency are received by the Student Administrative Services Center (SASC). These awards need to abide by the University's scheduled due dates or the unpaid balance may be subject to default charges.

General information Changes of program which result in decreased credit hours may have an adverse effect on your financial assistance award. Certain forms of aid are reduced or eliminated if your student status drops below full time. Questions regarding your award should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Assistance, by telephone at 860.768.4296. Financial assistance funds are applied on a provisional basis, as some of the requirements for these funds may not have been met at the time that we apply credit to your account. You are responsible for the proper completion and timely submission of all documents required to determine your eligibility for financial assistance. You are also responsible for any balance due created by the delay or revocation of any form of financial assistance when the delay or revocation occurs due to your failure to meet documentation requirements and/or deadlines. Financial assistance awards are subject to cancellation if satisfactory academic progress is not maintained. If placed on probation, the student is responsible for the payment of any balance created by the cancellation of part or all of the financial aid package. Should you receive notification of the delay, denial or revocation of any form of financial assistance, the Office of the Bursar should be contacted immediately so that the necessary notations may be made on your account records. To alert us to such delays, please call your account representative at 860.768.4205, or visit the Office of the Bursar during business hours (Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.).