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E-Billing Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bursar account?

Each student who attends the University of Hartford has a financial account with the Office of the Bursar. This student account displays charges and payments for tuition, room and board, parking permits and violations, and any other fees charged by the University.

What is electronic billing?

Electronic billing (e-billing) is a convenient and reliable alternative to sending paper bills. An e-mail notification is sent to your official University of Hartford account when an e-bill is available for viewing. You can also authorize others to view the e-bill and make an online payment. Each authorized person can receive an e-mail notification when a new e-bill is generated if they provide a current e-mail address.

The University of Hartford uses e-billing to provide more effective service to our students and their parents, guardians and authorized payers. As it has become commonplace to perform many daily transactions and communications via e-mail and the Internet, many of our students and their parents are familiar and comfortable with Internet culture. Moreover, many universities and institutions around the country are using electronic billing as their primary method of billing. Since it provides more efficient service, electronic billing results in both the University and our students saving time and money.  

When did e-billing take effect?

The University began using e-billing in the 2009 spring semester.

What is CASHNet?

CASHNet is a vendor that the University uses to enable students to pay their account fees online. Through CASHNet Self-Service, students and authorized payers receive e-bills and make e-payments online. This system eases the payment process by allowing payments to be made at any time and from any location with Internet access. It also allows you to view your account details at any time. 

Where can I go for further instructions regarding my e-billing statement?

Students can sign into the Student Self-Service Center and follow the CASHNet link to log on and access information. Students will need to set up the authorized payers. Once set up, authorized payers will log on to the CASHNet site directly by navigating to and viewing the account or making an online payment. Students click here, and parents click here for directions about logging into the CASHNet site. 

When can I expect to receive my e-bill, and when is my payment due?

Students and authorized payers receive an e-mail notification when an e-bill is available to be viewed and paid. See the Billing Schedule for a current list of our billing and due dates. 

What happens if I do not pay on time because I did not open my electronic billing statement?

See the Billing Schedule for a current outline of our billing and due dates. Please note that under rare circumstances this schedule may change. E-mail notifications are sent to students through their University e-mail account or to authorized users at the e-mail account provided at the time the user was added or changed on the system.

Please remember that the University of Hartford is not responsible for e-mail accounts that are listed incorrectly, when an e-mail inbox is full, or for any other reason the e-mail has not been delivered. Students and authorized users are able to check the students' account online at any time on any day. We suggest that the account be checked periodically regardless of whether or not an e-mail has been received.

Can I receive a paper bill instead of the e-bill?

All enrolled students receive an electronic billing statements. If you want a paper copy of your bill, you can log in to your account on the Student Self-Service Center and navigate to the CASHNet site to download and print a copy to mail to the University or mail to the University's lockbox at Bank of America. Mailing addresses are located on the last page of the bill. If a student does not have a printer, he or she can print their bill in computer labs throughout campus, in the library, or in the Student Administrative Services Center (SASC). SASC has a computer and printer available during regular operating hours for registration and billing-related purposes. Visit the SASC website for information about its hours and location.

What types of payments are accepted?

The University accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, or traveler's checks as forms of payment. Checks can be mailed directly to our bank by using the payment mailing address provided on the last page of each statement. E-check (ACH) and credit card payments can also be made online through the CASHNet site. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express cards.  There is no fee to make payments using e-check; however, credit card payments made using CASHNet SmartPay include a service charge that is 2.75% of the transaction amount.

What is e-check or ACH?

The University of Hartford allows students and authorized users to make payment with e-check through the CASHNet site. There is no service charge for making a payment with e-check. Payment with e-check will create an ACH transaction to your checking or savings account. A payments processed as an e-check without available funds or with a cancellation of funds will result in a $25.00 fee.

Can I use my debit card to pay my bill?

You can use any debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo to pay you bill. However, it will be processed as a credit card and will incur a 2.75% service charge. Daily limits may prevent your card from being approved.

Do you accept credit cards and, if so, is there a fee for using one?

Credit card payments can be made using CASHNet SmartPay. A service charge of 2.75% is added to the total payment. MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted.

How do I set up an authorized user? How can my parents view my e-bill?

Students will need to set up the authorized payers. Once set up, authorized payers will log on to the CASHNet site directly by navigating to and can view the account or pay bills online. 

How do I log in to my e-bill account?

Students can sign onto the Student Self Service Center and follow the CASHNet link to log on and get information. Authorized payers will log on to the CASHNet site directly by navigating to and view the account or make an online payment. Students, click here  for detailed directions about logging in to the CASHNet site. Parents, click here for directions about logging in to the CASHNet site. 

How do new students set up and access online billing and payment options?

Each new student is assigned a student ID and e-mail account. Once these are assigned, the new student will need to log in to the Self-Service Center and follow the CASHNet link. Please note that the University e-mail is the official notification for e-bills. If you have trouble with your e-mail, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 860.768.5999. If you are having trouble logging in to the Self-Service Center, please contact SASC at 860.768.4999 for assistance. 

How can I find out my account balance without having to call the Student Administrative Services Center (SASC)?

You can find current account balance information by logging in to the Student Self-Service Center and clicking the CASHNet link. The new electronic billing system allows you to view recent charges as well as pending financial aid.

If my E-bill shows a zero ($0.00) amount due or a zero ($0.00) amount estimated after factoring in pending financial aid, do I need to do anything?

No, you do not need to send a payment if the amount due is $0.00. Please be advised that any change to the pending financial aid may reflect a change in the amount due.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding e-billing or e-payment?

You can contact the Student Administrative Services Center (SASC) for questions regarding e-billing and e-payment at 860.768.4999 or via e-mail at

Why is my financial aid not on my account?

  • Outside Scholarships:  The University does not consider outside scholarships a payment until the actual check is received and credited to your account. Outside scholarships follow the same payment due dates as tuition payments. You will need to make sure that they have the current due dates for your tuition. If payment is not expected by the due date, you will need to pay your account balance in full and can request a refund when the scholarship money is received and your bursar account reflects a credit balance.
  • Federal Aid:  Federal financial aid cannot be credited to a student's account until ten days prior to the start of classes. Federal loans should be credited to student accounts within two days of receipt of the actual loan disbursement.
  • Institutional Aid:  Institutional aid will be released in conjunction with federal guidelines.
  • Private Loans:  Private loans should be credited to student accounts within two days of receipt of the funds.

In addition to the reasons outlined above, financial aid may not be credited on your account because funds from a lender or scholarship company have not been received or because there are outstanding document or information requirements. 

What is a financial hold on my account?

Financial holds are placed on accounts with overdue balances. Each billing cycle shows a due date for payment. If payment is not received by the due date, a financial hold is placed on the student's account. Accounts with financial holds will have a restriction placed on transactions such as future registration activity, adding additional dining dollars, release of transcripts, and release of diploma.

Does the University of Hartford offer a payment plan?

The University of Hartford partners with HigherOneTuitionPay in offering a budgeted payment plan to full time undergraduate students for the fall and spring terms. However, there are strict guidelines for use of this payment plan. Plans can only be administered for current charges and there are strict deadlines for start up, payments, and changes made to the original plan amount. There is also an enrollment fee to participate in the plan. Any balance above the contracted amount for each term is due and payable to the University of Hartford in accordance with our published payment deadlines. Please click here for additional payment information.

How do I request a refund for an overpayment on my account?

Currently you can request a refund by visiting the Student Administrative Services Center (SASC), by phone at 860.768.4999 or by e-mail at Please note that the requester of the refund must be the payee. For instance, if the account is paid through a parent plus loan, the parent who took out the loan would need to be the one requesting the refund. Requests made to the SASC e-mail account may be delayed as we do not constantly monitor our e-mails. We do review e-mails at least once a day.

Can I have access to the Bursar and Financial Aid Dollars and Sense Presentation for the parent orientation session?

Please click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.