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BankMobile FAQs

Q: How does the BankMobile Disbursements work?
Students receive a personal code in the mail, which is used to select a refund preference.  Even if you don't think you will receive a refund or want the debit account, circumstances can change. Select the preference of your choice and keep the code in a safe place.  You have three options to choose from for your refund preference.  Option 1 is to deposit the credit balance into you own account, savings or checking.  Option 2 is to open a BankMobile Vibe account.

Q: If I choose to open a BankMobile account, is it associated with my student ID?
A:No, the refund disbursement account is not associated with your student ID.  Your official Student ID is called the Hawk Card.

Q: When do I get my activation code?
 Personal codes are mailed to current students at their home or local address that is on file with the University at the time of registration.  Before you register for classes, please make sure your address with the University of Hartford is correct. You can update your address online through the Student Self-Service Center. You can also visit the Student Administrative Services Center to complete and submit a Change of Personal Data form. Remember to keep your address information updated with both the University and at Personal codes are not forwarded by the postal service. Codes returned due to incorrect addresses are destroyed.

Q: What if I didn't receive my new activation code? What if it gets lost, stolen or thrown away?
You will need to contact the Student Administrative Services Center (SASC) to request a new personal code.  SASC can initiate a code while you are on the phone.  The code will be emailed to your University of Hartford email address and needs to be used within 24 hours..

Q: I opened a BankMobile Vibe account by didn't get my card or I lost the card. How do I order a new card?
A: Active Account Holders: If you have already completed your initial login and activated a refund preference, order your card by logging in to your account and selecting report card lost/stolen. You can also contact Customer Care at 1.877.405.5475. (Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–11p.m. Eastern Time).

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