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Publish & Un-publish

The Page Configuration section has three option boxes checked by default. These boxes stay selected to ensure the correct page format and pages will be viewable on mobile devices. Pages within the CMS, publish to both the Development Server (for testing pages) or the Production Server (the live site).

Publishing Tab

Publish Asset

  • Choose the Asset to Publish.
  • Select Asset Action Toolbar > Publish.
  • Choose the Destinations (Production and Development server)
  • In the Options section, Select the Publish.
  • Click the Submit button to publish changes.

Instructions & Tips

If you are developing, editing, testing, developing or pages are still in progress publish to the Development server. If pages are ready for the "world" to see, select the checkboxes for both Production and Development server.

Publishing Multiple Items

Multiple Publish

  • Open the collection or folder that holds the items to Publish.
  • Select the files to Publish from the list.
  • Select Publish from the Drop-down Menu.

Set a File to Not Publish

There are times when you may NOT want a webpage or folder to Publish with the rest of the site. To keep a page or folder from being published, follow these steps:

  • Select the page or folder
  • Select Asset Action Toolbar > Edit >> System
  • Uncheck Include when publishing
  • Click the Submit button to publish changes.

When you are ready to Publish the page, check Include when publishing and Publish.

Un-publish an Asset


Un-publishing will delete an Asset from the website, but will not remove the file from Cascade Server. Un-publishing should be done before an Asset is Moved, Renamed or Deleted.

Unpublishing Options

Users have the ability to Un-publish any Asset:

  • Choose the file to Un-publish (single Assets, multiple Assets, or a folder)
  • Select Asset Action Toolbar > Publish
  • Choose the Destinations (Development and Production)
  • In the Options section, Select the Un-publish.
  • Click the Submit button to un-publish the Asset.

Publish Queue

Publishing Icon

The Publish queue is shared by everyone who uses the CMS. Once a job has been submitted to publish, find your place in the line of jobs waiting to be published. Depending on traffic, it may take longer than expected to see the published changes made to a website.

How to check the publish queue

To check the Publish queue, go to Main Menu Bar > Cascade Server icon >> Publisher >> Active Jobs. You will be able to watch the progress of all the jobs that are spooling through the Publish queue.