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The navigation areas of the website are automatically built by Cascade Server. A Metadata set is applied to all pages and folders, for a page to be included in the Left Navigation, be sure to select Yes next to both Display in mobile site navigation? and Display in Navigation?.Set to Display in Navigation

Instructions & Tips

If the landing page is selected to display in the navigation, the folder Display Name  field will display in place of the landing page information.

Dynamic Elements (Breadcrumb and Left Navigation)

Left Navigation and Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs – Red text located below the banner Image. The Breadcrumbs path begins with the home page and travels through the folder hierarchy until reaching the current page. All links within the Breadcrumbs trail will show the Display Name of that page.

Left Navigation – The Left Navigation displays the contents of the current top-level section folders within the CMS, it will show the Display Name Metadata field of all designated folders and pages. The menu will expand three tiers deep.

These listings will display all sub pages and sub folders from the selected page. Each item in the Left Navigation will be linked to that page. Each item representing a folder will link to that Default page of that folder.

Reordering NavigationReordering Assets

The links in the navigation areas can be reordered. While looking at a folder’s detail view, click on the Order column to display the sort order for that folder’s Assets.

To change the order of Assets in the site’s navigation:

  1. Click on the a folder in the Folder Tree that contains the Assets to sort.
  2. If Assets are not listed in ascending order, click the Order column heading.
  3. Place the mouse on the Asset to move. The mouse pointer will change. (If it does not change, move horizontally along the Asset’s line until it does).
  4. Click and hold the left mouse button, and then drag the Asset up and down to the desired position. Release the button.
  5. The sort order will change automatically.
  6. After sorting Assets, Publish all pages containing navigation affected by the change.

Remove a Link from Navigation

To have a page on your site not list in navigation menus. This is useful if there is a page that you want to link to, but do not want listed in the Left Navigation menu or the top navigation Drop-down Menus. To do this:

  1. Choose the page to remove from the site’s navigational menus.
  2. Select Asset Action Toolbar > Edit
  3. Remove the Display Name in the “Inline Metadata” field. Keep the “Title” value as-is.
  4. Click the Submit button to save changes.

Publish all pages containing navigation affected by the change.