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Publish Guidelines

Publishing Servers

When Publish is selected, site publishers and managers have the option of publishing pages to either the Development Server (for testing pages) or the Production Server (the live site). When pages are Published, the CMS copies them to the appropriate web server so webpages are available for others to view.

Instructions & Tips

All Assets must be published including: images, documents, and right column elements for the site to work correctly.

Production Server (For going live)

Development Server (For testing)

Publishing Rules

Before Publishing be aware of certain rules.

  • When a Parent Folder is published, all files within that folder will be published unless they are set to NOT Publish.
  • If possible, Publish single pages or a smaller group of files. 
  • Large Publish jobs should be published after hours (after 5:30 p.m. or before 6 a.m.). These jobs may delay another user's time-sensitive Publish job and can put a load on the server and affect system performance.
  • When a new page or folder is added to the CMS, the folder containing the page or folder must also be published for it to appear in the Left Navigation.

Publish a Full Site

  • Choose the Base Folder or Parent Folder of site to Publish in the Folder Tree.
  • Select Publish.
  • Choose the Destinations (Development and Production)
  • Click the Submit button to publish changes.