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The Dashboard, is also referred to as the Home area, it supplies the user with a summary of the activities. Here a user can view authorized areas, messages sent to you by the system, and see any outstanding locks or drafts. The Dashboard can be accessed at any time by selecting Home in the upper left-hand corner. 

WCMS Dashboard

Dashboard Tabs

  • Dashboard – The Dashboard lists a summary of the information on the other four tabs.
  • Messages – Displays any messages waiting for you from the system. Publish reports are confirmed in this area.
  • Workflows – Shows any Assets that are waiting an action in a workflow.
  • Drafts – Shows any Assets that are currently saved in Draft mode.
  • Recycle Bin – Deleted Assets, are put into the Recycle Bin.

Create/Manage Content

New Content Wizards –  Allows creation of Assets from the Dashboard, however it is recommended that new content is created using the New command from the Main Menu Bar.

Recycle Bin – When an Asset is deleted it is placed in recycle bin.

Instructions & Tips

An Assets can be restored to their original location, or they will be permanently deleted after 15 days.

Outstanding Items

Workflows – Shows any Assets that are waiting for an action from you in a workflow.

Messages – The only type of message that is enabled is for published reports. The CMS sends a message whenever you Publish a job. The message provides details on whether the Publish was successful or unsuccessful. Having numerous messages can affect CMS performance.

Deleting Messages

  • Select the checkbox of the message(s) to delete or select the top checkbox to automatically select ALL messages on that screen.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen display and select Delete from the Drop-down Menu.
  • Click Submit to confirm.

Current Activity

Locked Assets – Any pages or Assets that have been locked so that others may not access them will appear in this list.

Drafts – Page drafts that have been saved will appear in this list.

Recent History – History lists pages or Assets that have recently been worked on. Click on any item in the list to return to it.