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What are Assets?

Instructions & Tips

An Asset is any file within the CMS: page, image, document or a folder, any elements that make a website.

A tree of Assets and folders may be explored in the Folder Tree section of the browser window. Each icon represents a different kind of Asset.

  1. Folder – a container within Cascade that acts a parent asset to other assets.
  2. Page IconPage – Pages refer to webpages.  We offer a variety of distinct pages in
           Cascade. Learn more about each page style and
 how to apply them to your site.
  3. File IconFile – may be a PDF, word document, powerpoint file, or any other
           static content.

  4. Image IconImage – may be jpeg, gif or png files.
  5. Navigation LinkNavigation Link – a symbolic link to a specific URL
  6. Navigation LinkSocial Media Block – aunique block that can be set up to display social media
           links on a webpage.
  7. Page IconReference (Shared Content Page) – a special asset that is created to
           represent an existing asset in another location, allowing it to be indexed in
           multiple folders.

To create a new Asset select Main Menu Bar > New > (Type of asset to create)

View an Asset

Click on a folder within the Folder Tree to display its contents. Once the folder expands, the sub-folders and Assets are displayed in the same directory structure when published. Clicking on a page Asset will display a preview in the right frame, just as it would appear online.

Rename an Asset

  • When renaming a Page, do not add an extension (i.e. “.aspx”).
  • When renaming a File, keep the extension (“.pdf, “.gif”, “.jpg”, etc.).

To change the name of a page, file, or folder:

  1. Choose the Asset to rename.
  2. Select Asset Action Toolbar > Move/Rename
  3. Change the file name (in the System Name field).
  4. Select the Parent Folder (destination).
  5. Check Unpublish Content.
  6. Select both Development Server and Production Server from the Destinations section
  7. Click the Submit button to rename the file.

Un-pubish option

Publish after Move/Rename

After an Asset has been moved or renamed, Publish all pages containing navigation affected by the change. Publish any pages that are linked to those Assets. To determine if any of the pages moved are linked to from another page, do the following:
  1. Choose the page
  2. Select Asset Action Toolbar > More >> Delete
  3. If the “Relationships” group appears, other pages are linked to this page. Take note of the pages in the “Relationships” list.
  4. Click the Cancel button to stop deleting the page. Do not click the Submit button.
  5. Publish the pages that appeared in the “Relationships” list in Step #2.

Deactivate/Activate an Asset

To temporarily remove a page from the site’s navigation, or deactivate a file, Un-publish the page, and turn it off. When ready to reactivate it, you will need to turn it back on.

Publish & Index window

  1. Select the Asset to deactivate/activate.
  2. Select Asset Action Toolbar > Publish.
  3. Un-publish the Asset.
  4. Select Asset Action Toolbar > Edit >> System.
  5. Uncheck boxes “Include when publishing” and “Include when indexing”. This will prevent the Asset from being published, and remove all navigational items (if applicable), leaving your Asset in Cascade Server for later use.
  6. Click the Submit button to deactivate Asset.
  7. Publish any pages containing navigation affected by the change.
  8. To activate the Asset: Click on the System be sure that the “Include when publishing” and “Include when indexing” check boxes are checked. Publish any pages containing navigation affected by the change.