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Asset Action Toolbar

The Asset Action Toolbar is displayed when choosing an Asset from the Folder Tree. It is used to modify content using the Workspace Tabs and Sub Tab. The options available depend on the Asset selected.

Workspace tabs

Workspace tabs - view

View - By default, when a page is selected it displays in View mode (i.e., with the View tab selected). The page looks similar to the way it will appear once published.

Edit - Click the Edit tab to edit the content of a web page. The page appears in the Edit window.

Move/Rename – The Move/Rename tab is to move one or a group of selected files. You can also rename any existing Assets in the site folder.

Copy – Copy will make a copy of the selected page to a specified location.

Publish – Publish pages and folders from the CMS to the Production or Development web server.

More – Displays a Drop-down Menu containing more options. The two main action used from here are Delete and Version. Access, Audit and Reference are not typically used:

  • Delete – Delete the selected page or folder.
  • Version – Lists when the selected page was last modified and the person who modified it. The CMS saves the last 20 versions of the saved page. Use this tab, to revert to a previous version of the page.

(View) sub-tabs

Layout – When the Layout sub-tab is selected, small icons appear. Click the icons to display additional information about the contents (e.g., the main navigation).

Preview – View the page as it will appear once published.

Live – Gives an option to view the web page live in different web formats, (standard) aspx, Include (The page without style sheets applied), Mobile (the view on mobile devices), and xml (to view pages with special functions)

Properties – Contains page information such as who created the page, date created, person and date to last modify and publish the page, page title and access rights.

Lock – Use the Lock sub-tab to restrict other content managers from accessing or editing the page in which you are currently working.

Configurations – Lists the Assets that are used to comprise the page: template, main photo, logo, main navigation, etc.

(Edit) sub-tabs

Workspace tabs - edit

Content – Contains formatting tools. This is where to Edit the content.

Metadata – Set the Inline Metadata. Edits search engine Metadata, such as keywords and descriptions.

System – Toggle whether this Asset should be published or indexed.

Configurations – Lists the Assets that are used to comprise the page.