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Uploading Files

To use files (PDF documents, and text files) in your content, they will need to be uploaded into Cascade Server. Files can be upload one file at a time, or multiple files at once. Do not remove the extensions from a file’s name.

Instructions & Tips

The maximum file size that can be uploaded into Cascade Server is 20 mb.

Upload a Single File

Uploading from main menu

Upload file properties

  1. In the left Folder Tree, select the folder to upload the file to.
  2. Select Main Menu Bar > New >> File.
  3. Leave the System Name field blank. The system will automatically use the name of the file being uploaded.
  4. Click the Browse button. A popup window will be displayed, which shows the contents of your hard drive or network drive.
  5. Find the file to upload and click on it. Then click Open.
  6. A preview screen will be displayed. If uploading anything other than an image, you will not see a preview of the file.
  7. Click Submit to save changes.
  8. The page will reload with the uploaded file, placed into the selected folder. A preview of the file will be displayed on the right.

Upload Multiple Files

Main menu bar - zip archive

If there are multiple files to upload, they can be upload all at once. Doing so requires the use of a Zip Archive program, such as the Zip Archive program included in Microsoft Windows or the Compress items feature on a Mac. The CMS will extract the files into the destination folder.

Zip archive properties

  1. Zip the files to upload. Files must have a .zip extension and be below 20 mb in size.
  2. Navigate to the folder where the .zip file is to be upload.
  3. Main Menu Bar > Tools >> Zip Archive.
  4. In the Zip Archive field, click the Browse button. Locate the .zip file on your hard drive.
  5. Click Submit to save changes.

The .zip file will be uploaded, and its contents extracted into the selected folder. Publish files and associated pages to make accessible on the web site.