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The Save Draft feature allows to periodically save drafts of Assets that are being edited in order to return later to finish. Using the Save Draft button will save work, but changes will not be committed and saved as a final version until you use the Submit button.

To use the “Save Draft” feature:

Save as Draft
  1. Click the Save Draft button, located at the bottom of the page. Changes will be saved into a Draft mode, and the page will reload. This allows you to continue working on a page.
  2. Once the page has been saved as a draft, two new buttons will appear:
Save as Draft Options
  • Update Draft – Saves work periodically as you make changes.

  • Discard Draft – Undo all changes. This will erase all changes made since the last full save of the page. It will not delete the page or any previous versions.

While page is in Draft mode:

View changes in the page by clicking Asset Action Toolbar > View. To return to editing, click the Edit tab.

View Current Draft

To view page before edits, click Asset Action Toolbar > View. In the Viewing line, click Current. To return, click the Edit tab.

You can navigate away from the page and even log out, and all changes will still be saved in Draft mode for when you return.

Other users will be able to make their own edits to the page and publish them, those users will not be able to edit or publish your current changes. You cannot copy, delete, or publish a page until a draft has been submitted.


When edits are completely done, save a page using the Submit button.

If another user made changes to the page while a draft was in-progress, you will receive the following message: “Another user updated the current version of this asset while you were editing.” Clicking the Submit button, will overwrite the other user’s changes and save your own changes. Clicking the Update Draft button, you will be returned to the editing screen to make additional changes.