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Landing page templateThe Landing Page layout only applies to Default pages, but does not necessarily apply to all default pages. This template allows users to select an image to display alongside a header and a description of another webpage. The description will link to either an External link or a page within the CMS. Right Column elements can used on pages to incorporate callouts, link lists, or extra content.

Landing PageExample

Main Content

Landing page template - contentContent - This section is similar to the Main content section of a Standard page. It is space for a brief statement or introduction related to the page content. Text can be edited using the WSIWIG or Content Editor.

Main Content >> Content Item

Landing page template - item Multiple sections can be added or removed by clicking the [+] and [-] icons located just below the Main Content >> Content Item title. Sections are added in alternating colors starting with tan. Use the up and down triangles to change the order in which the sections appear on the page.

Content Image – This image will appear to the left of the content box. Image must be sized to 126px x 110px before inserting into a webpage.

Header – The words your webpage will use to hyperlink to another page or file. This is also the title of your content block.

Main Content – This is space for a brief statement or description related to the page or content that you are linking too. Keep section short (2-3 sentences) too long of a description will extend out of the content box. Text can be edited using the WSIWIG or Content Editor.

Link Text – This will appear after your description and will hyperlink to your selected page or file.

Page Link – Select the Browse Icon then choose any page within the CMS.

File Link – Select the Browse Icon then choose any file within the CMS. You could also upload a file at this time. After selecting the Browse Icon, choose the folder to upload the file into select Choose > Upload use the browse box to elect the file from you computer Click Uplaod. The file must be published before it can be active on a webpage.

External Link – If the site you want to link to is not located in the CMS. Enter the full url into the box provided. Include the http:// (, the best way to do this is to copy the address directly from the browse window and paste it to the Link to External Web Site box.

External Link opens a new window? – Select Yes, this will open an additional browser window with the linked webpage, instead of bring the user away from our site.