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Email Form

The University of Hartford Cascade content management system now features an Email Form Page which enables content authors to design their own fill-in forms for the University website. The form can contain as many fields desired, optionally divided into sub-sections. The fields can be any of the following types:
  • Text Box – Single line text field. Generally used for text entries no longer than 50 characters.
  • Text Area – Multiple line text field.
  • Drop-Down Select – A “drop-down” menu that contains a certain number of choices from which the user can choose.
  • Radio Buttons – A list of choices from which the user may only select one option.
  • Check Boxes – One or more options from which the user can choose all that apply.
  • Hidden – Generally unnecessary. Could be used to send extra data about the form being submitted but the user will never see the field. Enter the desired value into the value field.

The sample form below shows each type of field type available as it would appear on the website. Some fields have been set to be required. Required fields must be filled out by the user, while optional fields may be left blank.

Form Detail

Creating a new Email Form Page

  1. Select the desired folder in which to add the Email Form Page.
  2. Select Main Menu Bar > New >> Email Form Page.
  3. Enter the System Name, Display Name, Title and Navigation Settings in the same manner as any other WCMS page.
 Forms Section
  • Design a form using the Email Form Builder section. The Email Form can contain as many Form Field Groups as desired, each with any number of Form Fields. Click the plus (+) icon to add new Fields or Groups and the minus (-) icon to remove Fields or Groups.

Form Detail Section Email Subject – The text that will be displayed in the Subject line of the email.

From Email Address – The address from which the email will be sent. This can generally be left as

Group Name – Name of the given subsection of form elements. Add or remove subsections with the plus (+) and minus (-) icons.

Form Fields – A input element on the form of the specified type and characteristics.

a. Field Type – The Type of the input element. Textbox, Checkbox, Hidden, etc. See above for a description of each.

b. Field Name – The label or instructions associated with the form field.

c. Value(s) – The default value or values for the Form Field. For a set of radio buttons or checkboxes, enter a value for each desired checkbox. To specify a default for a Text or Hidden field, enter only one Value.

d. Required Field – Mark whether or not this field should be required for the user to complete.

To Email Addresses –One or more email addresses to which the form data should be sent upon completion.

Email Field Name – Optionally, enter a Field Name from the above form fields that are intended to be filled with the user’s email address. If specified, a copy of the email will be sent to the address in that field.

Submit Button Label – If desired, customize the text for the Submit button.

Redirect User To – Select the WCMS page that the user should be redirected to upon completion of the form.