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Naming Assets

Head Use Example Purpose
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Registrar Home Metadata
System Name
Web address
  System Name (see Naming Conventions)
System Name
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University of Hartford
About U of H

About U of H


Instructions & Tips

System Name is the name of the file or Asset in the CMS. It also appears in the web address line in a browser window. The System Name is automatically created from the template or type of Asset selected to build.

System Name

To add or change the System Name:

  • (New)  Main Menu Bar > New >> (Select Asset)

  • Enter System Name.

  • (Existing) Asset Action Toolbar > Edit >> System

  • Enter System Name.

Keep the following in mind when creating a System Name:

  • Use lowercase text.

  • Do not use spaces, punctuation or special characters, such as:
    ? / > < , " ' ; : [ ] { } | \ ) ( * & ^ % $ # @ ! ~ ` + =.

  • Avoid long names. One word keywords are best. Be as descriptive as possible.

  • If two words are required, use a dash in between (e.g. corporate-relations).

  • If this is the first page in the site or folder, use the name Default.

Naming Conventions

File Type Uses Good Example Bad Example
Pages, Folders, &  Files Do not include spaces or
special characters (i.e., !@#$%^&*()[]+=,<>?/\|~{})
page name
Mission_Updated-January 29, 2012
Files Must include file extension
(i.e., doc, pdf)
mydog.jpg mydog
Pages Do not include file extension (this is done for you) default default.aspx
External Links Can use spaces,
but keep
“phrases” short
college for local students college for local students: starting on
January 28, 2012