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Folder Tree

The Folder Tree is located on the left side of the screen. The Folder Tree browser lets you see and make edits to the permissible areas within Cascade. A site may based out of any area within the Folder Tree under the websites Base or Parent Folder.

Open/Close Folders

Navigate the Folder Tree either by clicking on the folder name or the [+] and [-] next to the folder icon. Clicking the icons are faster, but does not reveal contents of the folder.

  • Click on the folder icon or name to fully open the folder and view detailed contents in the right window.
  • Click on the [+] icon to quickly open the folder.
  • To close a folder, click on the folder’s [-] icon.


Folder tree structure

Base Folder – The folder that holds the pages and files that make up the University of Hartford's website.

Parent Folder – The university_relations, is the parent folder for the office-marketing-communication. It is also the base folder for the university relations website. This folder holds all the pages and files that make up that specific site.

Subfolder – Any folders that are within another folder is called a subfolder. In this example editorial_services, files, images, and media_relations are subfolders of office-marketing-communication.

Subsection – The subfolder media_relations is also a subsection of the office-marketing-communication. For a folder to be a subsection it must have a default page and be set to display in navigation.

Asset contex menu

Context Menu

Each Asset in the Folder Tree has a menu tab containing common actions for that type of Asset, such as Edit, Publish, etc. To view the Context Menu mouse over the Asset, and then click on the arrow that appears. Then select the desired action for that Asset.

Website Content

There are only a few different types of Assets that are required to make a website or website subsection.

  • Default page - The home page of the site. A default page is also needed if subfolder is also a subsection of a website. This is the first page a person will see visiting your site or subsection.
  • Section Folders - There should be separate folders for each main section of the site. Make subfolders within the sections to organize the content.

Instructions & Tips

Permission has to be set in the CMS to make new folders.

  • Files Folder - Contains an Image, pdf, or doc subfolders depending on the contents of the site. These folder are for holding files and do not appear in site navigation.
  • Navigation Links - Links within your site navigation that link to an outside site or other pages with in the CMS.