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New Folder

How to create a new folder.

Folder properties

Navigate to the folder where the new folder is to be located. Once that folder is selected, select Main Menu Bar > New >> Folder.

This will open the Create tab to enter the folder settings:

  • System Name – The file name of the folder.
  1. Folder names should be short and descriptive. (Names affect URL lengths and users' typing time).
  2. It is strongly recommended to use all lower-case letters.
  3. Using both letters and numerals is fine; other than that, only dash and underscore are recommended. This is explained in the Naming Pages & Files section.

Instructions & Tips

Do Not use spaces or non-alphanumeric characters in file names.

  • Parent Folder –  This is where the new folder will be saved. Whichever folder selected in the Folder List will be the default Parent Folder.
  • Display Name – The text displayed for the bread crumbs and left-hand-navigation. It should be short and descriptive. It can contain spaces and special characters and use capitalization.
  • Title – The Title appears at the top of the Main Content section below the Bread crumbs. This is usually the same as the Display Name.
  • Display in mobile site navigation? – Yes to have folder accessible in the navigation on mobile devices.
  • Display in navigation? – Select Yes to have folders accessible in the navigation trail.
  • Folder is a Microsite – No, a Microsite breaks away from the standard site navigation.
  • Include when publishing – Check this box to include the new folder when Publishing your site. Files not published are not accessible online.
  • Include when indexing –  Check this box to include the new folder in site left-navigation. Files not indexed are not accessible online.
  • Click Submit to save changes.