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History & Versions

Main menu bar - history

History is a reverse-chronological list of Assets worked on in your current session. The History feature makes it easy to jump back and forth between Assets.

  • Select Main Menu Bar > History.
  • To navigate to an Asset on the list, select the Asset name.

Instructions & Tips

Your History items are displayed in a list. The list is comprised of the last twenty-four Assets worked on in REVERSE chronological order.

Asset action toolbar - versions


Versions act as a file "backup". For example, if text from an Asset is unintentionally deleted, It be could restore from a previous version of the Asset. Any Asset (except folders) can be rolled back to a previous Version.

Instructions & Tips

A new version of an asset is created each time you Submit the asset. The CMS stores an unlimited number of versions for each asset.

  • With the Asset selected, click Asset Action Toolbar > More >> Versions.
  • All Versions for that Asset appear. The Active version (i.e., last version to be stored) is designated by a green checkmark.
  • When a version is selected by click on the file name, that Version will be displayed with a menu of options across the top of the screen.

Version viewing options

  1. Newer – View the next newer Version of the Asset than the one currently selected.
  2. Older –  View the next older Version of the Asset than the one currently selected.
  3. Current – View the current Active Version
  4. Activate – Make the Asset you are viewing the Active Version.
  5. This function creates  another Version; the old current Version and any other versions are still available. The only exception to this is if the newly activated Version increases the number of Versions in your list past twenty. In this case, the very oldest Version in the list would be deleted.
  6. Delete - Delete this Version of the Asset
  7. Compare with Current - Compare this version of the Asset with the active Version. Differences in content are displayed with edit markings.
  • Once you choose the version to restore, select Activate. The selected Version will be implemented.

  • Publish the Asset.

Version delete

Delete Versions

  1. Choose the Asset in which to delete the previous versions.
  2. Select Asset Action Toolbar > More >> Versions. This will bring up a list of all available Versions of the Asset.
  3. Select the Assets to delete by checking the boxes next to the file name.
  4. In the “With Selected” Drop-down Menu, select Delete.