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For the best look and ease of set up it is recommended to use one of the two preformatted Table Templates. However, it is possible to build a table using the Insert/Edit Table from the content editor. The maximum table width for a Standard Page template is 520 pixels.  The width for a Standard Page 2 Column page is 720 pixels. 

  • Select the page to add a table
  • Asset Action Toolbar > Edit
  • Place the cursor in the location for the table and click the Insert/Edit Table icon.

Table general options

Fill in the following values inside the General Properties window:

  • Cols – Number of cell blocks left to right.
  • Rows – Number of cell blocks top to bottom.
  • Cellpadding – Space around content inside a single cell.
  • Cellspacing – Space in between cells.
  • Alignment – Sets alignment of the table on the page.
  • Border – Set thickness of frame around each cell.
  • Width – Defines the width of the table in pixels or percentage.
  • Class – Not used

Advanced Options

Table advanced options

Click on the Advanced tab at the top of the window.

  • Summary –  Type a description of the Table that you are inserting. This is required for Section 508 Compliance (if applicable). For example: This Table contains donations data.

Instructions & Tips

We currently do not use any of the other options listed here to stylize a table. Using these features complicate the code and result in fragmented tables.


Edit Rows and Columns

Once the table has been created it can be altered to suit your needs. To insert or remove columns and rows, or format individual cells, columns, or rows, right-click in the column/row/cell to bring up the Table action menu, and select the action from the menu.

If you are designing a more complicated table or need additional assistance please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications web team. Feel free to sign up for one of the monthly Basic Training's in Cascade or schedule an Advanced Training by appointment.