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Content Editor

Content editor tools

The Content Editor or (WYSIWYG) built into Cascade Server has the same features of a standard Content Editor, such as Microsoft Word®. Content can be added, edited or stylized. It allows for easy insertion of links, Images, embedded media, and tables. While working in the Content Editor mouse over an icon to see its description.

Mouse over each icon to see its description.

 Special Characters Insert Special Characters  Indent Decrease Indent,
Increase Indent
 Superscript and Subscript Subscript/ Superscript  Undo, Redo Undo, Redo
 Text Formatting Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike through  Linking Insert/Edit Link, Unlink,
Insert/Edit Anchor
Alignment Options  Align Left, Center,
Right, Full
 Insert Image Insert/Edit Image
 Styles Intro, Highlight, caption-left, caption-right  Insert/Edit Embeded Media Insert/Edit Embedded Media
 Format Available text styles (controlled by the template)  Horizontal Insert Horizontal Line
Cut Cut Table Insert/Edit Table
 Paste Copy Clean Code Cleanup Messy Code
 Paste Paste  Remove Formatting Remove Formatting
 Paste From MS Word Paste as Plain text HTML Code View Edit HTML Source
 Find and Replace Find/Replace Show/Hide Invisable Elements Show/Hide Guidelines /Invisible elements
 Spell Checker Toggle Spell Checker Toggle full screen mode Toggle Full Screen Mode
Bullets and Numbering Insert/Remove Bulleted List Numbered List

Some things that require more advanced coding, but Web Services will help with those items so contact us and we will do our best to help.

Some issues might be:

  • Complex tables
  • Organizing complex bulleted or ordered lists
  • Creating forms
  • Embedding slideshows or other code snippets requiring HTML access