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When a webpage is long or has many sections, you can create a Link that jumps to a specific Anchor place within the page. There are two steps to creating an anchored link:

Insert Anchor

  • Place the cursor before the text where users will "jump" to in your web page.
  • Click Insert/Edit Anchor and the window will appear.
Insert/Edit Anchor windowType a name for the anchor in the Anchor Name text box and click Insert.
Use lowercase letters and no spaces or special characters for names.
If multiple Anchors are on the same web page, each Anchor Name must be different.

An Anchor icon will appear in the Main Content.

Link to anchor

Link to Anchor

  • Select the text or image to become the Link.
  • Click the Insert/Edit Link icon.
  • Select the Internal
  • Fill in the Title Field
  1. If the Anchor Link is on the same page, enter the Anchor name in the Anchor field.
  2. If the Anchor Link is on a different page, enter the Anchor name then click the Browse icon to browse to the page.
  • Click Insert to create the Link.

Delete Anchor

  • Delete the Anchor in the Main Content window using the delete key.
  • Select text used as the link
  • Click Unlink