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Metadata describes other data. A text document's Metadata may contain information about how long the document is, who the author is, when the document was written, and a short summary of the document. Webpages include Metadata in the form of meta tags.

Instructions & Tips

Description and keywords meta tags are used to describe the Web page's content. Search engines use this data when adding pages to their search index.

Metadata Information User

  • The Summary is the brief description about the page that also displays in search results. 
  • The Keywords are words about the page that search robots crawl through to locate a page. 
  • The Author is the person responsible for the page content. This allows you to use the CMS search to find all pages by a certain author.

To add a Metadata Summary, & Author to your webpage:

  1. Select Asset Action Toolbar > Edit >> Metadata.
  2. Insert Metadata.
  3. Choose, as needed: Review/End dates and Expiration folders - the date and time for the content to be reviewed with a respective workflow, or which it is no longer available and where expired content goes.
  4. Click the Submit button to save changes.