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Photo Gallery

A gallery template has been created for easy setup of a Photo Gallery that includes a slide show, normal sized photos and photo thumbnails. This will work with JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG images.

Instructions & Tips

Start folders on your desktop to match the photo gallery set up. Create two folders one for thumbnail images and one for section images.

  • Thumbnails Images can vary in size, however images will be spaced evenly over the 700 pix wide of the display area. A good size is 126 x 110, all thumbnail photos must be the same size.
  • Section Images will be adjusted to fit the screen during the slide show. While there is no standard size, it is good practice to keep images 600 pix wide.
  • The Thumbnail Images and Section Images must be named the same.
  • There are two photos for each slide in the Photo Gallery. The larger files are be placed into the Section folder. The smaller preview photo is placed in the Thumbnail folder.

Gallery Asset

Gallery Setup

To create the Photo Gallery, select the folder to place the gallery.

  • Select Main Menu Bar > New >> Gallery
  • Click the Submit button to save changes.

The site folder should now include the (User named) test-gallery folder, a section sub folder, and a thumbnails folder inside of the sections folder. A Default page is created for the gallery. The Default page must be named Default, and the thumbnails folder must be named thumbnails.Gallery Assets

Uploading Photos and Thumbnails

There are two ways images can uploaded to a Photo Gallery. Main photos and thumbnails can be individually uploaded or can be uploaded in large groups using a tool called Zip Archive.

Individual Uploads

Select the Section folder in to place the larger images for the gallery (test-gallery/section).

  • Select Main Menu Bar > New >> Image
  • Click the Browse icon to select image upload.
  • Click Open.
  • Click the Submit button to save changes.

Photos uploaded individually can be edited, in the upload process.

Built-in Image editor

Gallery Photo Upload

Display Name, Title and Description are required. This title will display on the Slide show, and make the photo accessible to screen readers. This can be done during the uploading process or after if uploading a Zip Archive.

Zip Archive

  • Select the gallery folder in which to place the larger photo (test-gallery/section).
  • Select Main Menu Bar > Tools >> Zip Archive.
  • Click the Browse to the .zip file you want to upload.
Zip Options
  • Click Open
  • Click the Submit button to save changes.