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Spelling and Usage

Alumnus, Alumni, Alumna, and Alumnae

The word "alumnus" refers to a male graduate; "alumni" is its plural form. The word "alumna" refers to a female graduate; "alumnae" is its plural form. "Alumni" is also used to refer to two or more graduates of mixed gender:

  • Many alumnae from Hartford College for Women were at the reunion.
  • He is one alumnus who went on to do great things.
  • Alumni Affairs sponsors a number of trips during the year.

Emeriti, Emeritus, and Emerita

"Emeriti" refers to two or more retired professors holding emeritus rank; "emeritus" refers to a male; "emerita" refers to a female.

Titled or Entitled

Use "titled" when referring to the name of a book, speech, or other work. Do not write "entitled":

  • Her dissertation was titled "Effects of Narrated Computer Animation Versus Pure Computer Animation on Understanding of the Operation of an Internal Combustion Engine."