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Electronic and Social Media

Electronic Terms and Formats

Electronic terms have evolved with time and commonplace usage. The University recommends the following updated stylistic treatments.


Lowercase all elements of an email address in body copy:


Do not omit the period when a sentence ends with an email address (see previous example).

Dividing URLs and email addresses

When necessary in body copy, a URL (uniform resource locator) or email address may be broken at the end of a line as follows:

  • after a colon or double slash:


  • before a single slash, period, or other punctuation mark or symbol:


  • between words or syllables:


Never insert a hyphen when breaking a URL or email address that falls at the end of a line (see previous example).


Never insert a hyphen when breaking a URL or email address that falls at the end of a line. The extraneous punctuation only confuses a valid URL.

In many cases it is no longer necessary to use http:// or www in web addresses. But be sure to test any  URL that will appear online or in a print publication to ensure that the link connects.

Do not omit the period when a web address ends a sentence:

UNotes, the University’s e-newsletter, is available at

Refrain from using the hackneyed and unnecessary “click on” to direct users to Internet links. URLs are easily recognizable in body copy and generally require no further instruction on accessing them.

Sample terms
cyberspace (no hyphen) log off (v.)
dot-com multimedia
e-book offline
e-commerce online
email podcast
home page the web
instant messenger (IM) webcast
Internet (retain initial cap) web design
intranet (lowercase) web developer
intranet (lowercase) website
log on (v.), logon (n., adj.) World Wide Web (historical references)

Social Media

The University of Hartford retains the following social media accounts:

Social media sites

Questions concerning the University’s social media accounts may be directed to

Meagan Fazio
Assistant Director of Electronic and Social Media
University of Hartford