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Follow a statement that introduces a direct quotation of one or more sentences with a colon:

  • This is what the message said: "Call your mother when you get in."

Use a colon after "as follows." If the colon precedes two or more complete sentences, capitalize following the colon; if not, don't:

  • Please note as follows: Meetings are held on Tuesday mornings. Bring your ideas and an open mind with you.
  • We were instructed as follows: bring your ideas and an open mind with you.

Do not use a colon to introduce a list in running copy:

  • The winners of the competition are John Brown, Mary White and Amy Tan. She went to pick up a few things, including coffee, cream, milk and muffins.

Do not use a colon after a preposition to set off the copy that follows, whether horizontally or vertically laid out:

  • E-mail any questions to Pamela Frazier, director of budget and financial analysis,
  • Send replies to
    International Center
    University of Hartford
    200 Bloomfield Avenue
    West Hartford, CT 06117